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  • Don’t Let This Historic Opportunity Slip Away

    There are plenty of stories that we hear, and can’t stop ourselves from wondering how the people in the story didn’t seize the incredible opportunity offered to them at that moment. After all these important steps, will we seize this opportunity or will it fall apart? It is the responsibility of all of us to make this happen. Written by Shraga Crombie, about the current awakening for Achdus among Chassidim • Full Story

    Written by Shraga Crombie, translated by Sholem Traurig

    There are plenty of stories that we hear, and can’t stop ourselves from wondering how the people in the story didn’t seize the incredible opportunity offered to them at that moment.

    For example, the story that is told about the students of the Arizal who were asked by their teacher, the Arizal, to join him for Shabbos in Yerusholayim, after the students delayed giving the Arizal an answer, the Arizal told them that had they agreed to come right away, they would have brought Moshiach by spending that Shabbos in Yerusholayim.

    Another story to illustrate this point, at the Rebbe’s Purim Farbrengen in 5715, the Rebbe said that whoever sticks out their hand right then and there, would be blessed with an abundance of wealth, most Chassidim were too embarrassed to stick out their hands besides for a few which were ultimately blessed with riches. The Rebbe responded to this saying that it was an Eis Ratzon and everyone should’ve seized it.

    When we hear these stories, we are always wondering, why didn’t they just grab the opportunity?

    We are now in a historic time, there is an awakening for Achdus in Lubavitch like never before.

    But after all the important steps towards unity in the past couple of days, where are we headed? will we be able to grab the opportunity in this Eis Ratzon and make the long-awaited peace and Achdus in Lubavitch, or will this chance dissolve?

    it is the responsibility of everyone, whether they are on Shlichus or one who lives in a Lubavitch community to ensure that Achdus happens, and we are not stuck after lamenting about how we should’ve grabbed the opportunity.

    It used to be that only certain people had influence on others, but within the last decade, social media has evolved in a way that any person can start a group or a channel and have a massive influence on hundreds of people. It is our responsibility, every single person knows either a supporter, a Shliach or a Rov that can help make peace in Lubavitch.

    In the year 5742, the Rebbe told the Yoshev Rosh of Tzach in Eretz Yisroel, Rabbi Yisroel Levov, OB”M, “If all the activists in Lubavitch would be united, Moshiach would’ve came a long time ago, therefore, the Yetzer Hara is creating a civil war among Chassidim.”

    For the first time, we see now that the barriers are being broken a bit, let us take this opportunity and make Achdus among Chassidim and Moshiach will come right away.


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