9) A Boxing Dinner For Chabad


    9) A Boxing Dinner For Chabad

    Shlichus According To The Rebbe #9: We present the ninth installment of directives of the Rebbe to Shluchim, focusing on directives that the Shluchim seem to be unaware of ● Today: The Rebbe’s secretary demanding an answer to why a Chabad institution had a “Boxing Dinner Evening” to raise funds ● Read More

    One of the first educational institutions founded by the Rebbe in Israel was the Chabad Vocational Schools in Kfar Chabad, which was geared for students who were interested in acquiring a skill in a religious atmosphere. During the years, the institution received hundreds of children who were orphaned, and educated them.

    The institutions were directed by the renowned Chossid Rabbi Ephraim Wolf, who served as the director of most Chabad institutions in Israel, and was the main force behind the development of Chabad in Israel during his forty year tenure.

    The institution had a very good name internationally, and had offices around the world to help defray the high cost of education. One of those offices was located in London, England, and directed by Rabbi Eliezer Spektor, a venerable Rabbi who dedicated his life to spreading Judaism and helping the Rebbe’s institutions, through his charity “Chabad Orphan Aid Society.”

    In Fall 1969, he organized a “Boxing Dinner Evening” benefiting the Chabad schools in Israel, and sent (as customary) a copy of the invitation to the Rebbe. A few days later, on the 23rd of Cheshvan, the Rebbe’s secretary Rabbi Chaim Mordechai Aizik Hodakov called Rabbi Wolf and said (as recorded in a letter written by Rabbi Wolf):

    “To our great surprise we received an invitation for some “Boxing Dinner Evening” organized by some “Chabad Orphan Aid Society,” which includes the planned event etc.

    We immediately contacted Rabbi Nachman Sudak [the Shliach in London], and from his response it seems that this is not a novelty, for this has been happening for a few years now, that they organize similar events to this (Dinner with dancing, etc).

    He apologized for not being able to stop this event, for it is organized by Rabbi Spektor, benefiting the institutions in Kfar Chabad which are directed by you, and Rabbi Sudak has no say in the matter.

    I am asking you to clarify this for us, and tell us what you plan on doing.”

    A similar conversation happened seven years later, between Rabbi Hodakov and Rabbi Wolf, on the 4th of Nissan 5737, regarding the same issue:

    “Regarding the Boxing Meeting which is organized in London by Rabbi Eliezer Spektor, this makes an impression in the city, and you have to decide what is permitted. Rabbi Spektor is our representative and is awaiting direction from New York [the Rebbe] or from Lod [Rabbi Wolf], and since ‘an emissary is like his sender’ give him directives as to what is appropriate and what is not.”

    Source: Yemey Tmimim Vol. 7 and Vol. 8




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    9) A Boxing Dinner For Chabad