14) Nepotism: What Will The People Say?


    14) Nepotism: What Will The People Say?

    Shlichus According To The Rebbe #14: We present the fourteenth installment of directives of the Rebbe to Shluchim, focusing on directives that the Shluchim seem to be unaware of ● Today: The Rebbe’s view on nepotism ● Read More

    In 5723 (1963), Rabbi Shmuel Lew married Hindy Jaffe, daughter of the renowned Chabad Chossid R’ Zalman Jaffe of Manchester, who also served as the director of Lubavitch activities in Manchester.

    Two years later, R’ Zalman wanted to bring his new son-in-law to work with him in developing Chabad activities in Manchester. He wrote to the Rebbe, and got the following letter, dated the 10th of Iyar 5725 (printed in “Mr. Manchester” p. 164):

    By the Grace of G-d
    10th of Iyar, 5725
    Brooklyn, N.Y.

    Greeting and Blessing:

    I am in receipt of your recent letter, as well as your previous correspondence. I will remember in prayer those mentioned in
    your letter.

    In reply to your question as to the advisability of your son-in-law accepting a position with the Tzach in your community, on a fulltime basis, at the insistence of persons who approached you – before I will form and express my opinion on this matter, I would like to hear from you your own evaluation of the situation, in the light of your knowledge of the members of the Manchester community. I would like to hear from you as to what effect and impression your son-in-law’s acceptance of such a position would create, in view of the fact that you were so involved in the building project, which later turned out to be a source of Parnosso, in the plain sense of the word, for your own daughter and son-in-law.

    Such a situation could be interpreted in different ways by different people, in different communities. And before I give this matter some thought, I would like to hear first your own opinion and clarification.

    You do not mention פרטים how Yom Tov was spent in the Shul, and in the various departments of Lubavitch activities. I trust that everything came off with flying colors.

    With blessing,


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    1. sholly


      Wowowowow! I cannot say how many times I’ve heard from NON-CHABAD people in our community (a major North-American Jewish community) how nepotism is rampant by the shluchim in the city.

    2. Menachem

      Rabbi Sudak AH in London was appointed by the Rebbe four years earlier, to direct the new Lubavitch House which had been set up by his father-in-law Rabbi Bentzion Shemtov.
      Indeed there are many cases where the Rebbe sent kids of Shluchim to go back and work with their parents.

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    14) Nepotism: What Will The People Say?