TRAGEDY: Two Frum Men from Cleavland R”L Killed in Plane Crash in Westchester




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    TRAGEDY: Two Frum Men from Cleavland R”L Killed in Plane Crash in Westchester

    Tragedy strikes the Cleveland Jewish community as two members were killed in plane crash. The Experienced pilot Boruch Taub and tech entrepreneur Ben Chafetz were returning from JFK to Cleveland when their plane experienced engine trouble and crashed • Full Story

    By Chabadinfo Reporter

    Two members of Cleveland’s Jewish community, Boruch Taub and Ben Chafetz, tragically lost their lives in a plane crash on Monday evening. Taub, the owner of MasterWorks Automotive & Transmission, was the pilot of the Beechcraft Bonanza A36, a single-engine propeller plane. He was an experienced pilot and flew the plane often. Chafetz, a tech entrepreneur, was his only passenger on the flight.

    The plane was returning from JFK to Cleveland’s regional Cuyahoga County Airport when it experienced engine trouble and lost contact with air traffic control at 5:20 pm. At 5:25 pm, the pilot contacted Westchester County Airport directly for help. Unfortunately, the plane crashed shortly thereafter.

    Visibility at the Westchester County Airport was poor at the time of the crash, with cloud ceilings of just 200 feet above the ground. Low Instrument Flight Rules (LIFR) were in place due to the poor conditions.

    In a heartbreaking twist, Chafetz mistakenly sent a message to the Bais Avrohom night seder group chat instead of his wife, stating that they had “lost engines” and asking the community to say Tehillim (Psalms) for them.

    This tragic accident has brought shock and sadness to the Cleveland Jewish community. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of Taub and Chafetz during this difficult time.

    Ben was also interviewed last year in the Ami Magazine, where he talks about losing many clients and friends in the 9/11 attacks and how it changed his life, you can read the full article here.

    Baruch dayan ha’emes

    ברוך יוסף יחזקאל בן אשקא שרה
    בנימין ריאל בן ברכה


    Original updates as it happened:

    Update 11:13pm:The plane has been located. Sadly, local media is reporting that Ben and Baruch were found dead at the scene. Baruch dayan ha’emes 

    Update 11:03pm: Reports that a phone has just been found.

    Update 10:59pm: Law enforcement have confirmed that a plane has been found over land. No word yet on the occupants.

    Update 10:15pm: Search is narrowed down to a heavily wooded area in the rear of an office building on King St (Rt120) in Armonk. Torrential downpours, thunder & lightning are hampering the search.

    Update 9:45pm: A spokesperson for Westchester County said two people were onboard. one passengers and the pilot.


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    TRAGEDY: Two Frum Men from Cleavland R”L Killed in Plane Crash in Westchester