Joe Biden Congratulates Benjamin Netanyahu on Election Victory




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    Joe Biden Congratulates Benjamin Netanyahu on Election Victory

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    US President Joe Biden called opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu to congratulate him on his win in the national election last week • Full Story

    Via Arutz Sheva

    The White House on Monday issued a statement summarizing President Joe Biden’s phone call with Prime Minister-elect Benjamin Netanyahu. “President Biden spoke today with former Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu to congratulate him on his party’s victory and commend Israel’s free and fair elections,” the statement said.

    “The President reaffirmed the strength of the U.S.-Israel bilateral partnership, based on a bedrock of shared democratic values and mutual interests, and underscored his unwavering support for Israel’s security.”

    “The two leaders agreed to speak again at the conclusion of Israel’s government formation process,” the White House statement concluded.

    According to a statement from Netanyahu’s office, Biden told Netanyahu during the conversation, “We are brothers, we will make history together. My commitment to Israel is unquestionable. Congratulations, friend, and a warm greeting to Sara.”

    Netanyahu replied, “We will bring more historic peace agreements, it is within reach. My commitment to our alliance and our relationship is stronger than ever. A warm greeting to your wife Jill.”

    The call came six days after the Israeli elections, and after numerous other world leaders had already congratulated Netanyahu.

    American officials told Israel National News that the delay in the conversation was not due to the administration’s attempt to convey a message to Netanyahu, but due to the fact that President Biden is very busy with the mid-term elections for Congress which will be held tomorrow.

    A White House official said that it is important for the US president to begin with a clean slate with Netanyahu and his new government.

    US Ambassador to Israel Thomas Nides congratulated Netanyahu this past Thursday, two days after Israel’s 25th Knesset election.

    Nides announced via Twitter that he called Netanyahu to congratulate him, adding he is “looking forward to working” with the new Israeli government.

    “Good call just now with Benjamin Netanyahu. I congratulated him on his victory and told him I look forward to working together to maintain the unbreakable bond.”

    Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also responded to Netanyahu’s election victory, tweeting: “Welcome back, Netanyahu —you were missed!”


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    Joe Biden Congratulates Benjamin Netanyahu on Election Victory