Bais Rivkah Still Not Open!




    Shifra Vepua

    Bais Rivkah Still Not Open!

    HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF? In winter of 1989, the Bais Rivkah schools were faced with serious financial problems which hindered the functioning of the school and threatened the continuing of the school • All the proposals did not work out, so the school turned to the Rebbe for advice • The Rebbe’s response in the Full Article

    In winter of 1989, the Bais Rivkah schools were faced with serious financial problems which hindered the functioning of the school and threatened the continuing of the school.

    The administration of the school asked the Rebbe what should be done, and the Rebbe said that they should make a meeting and come to a decision.

    On the 2nd of Adar II 5749, Mrs. Chana Gorowitz, Mrs. Shaina Tiechtel and Mrs. Chana Feldman wrote to the Rebbe a report of the meeting:

     “In continuation to the Rebbe’s answer that we should continue meeting and discussing the situation of the institution, we continued meetings…

    As a result of the Rebbe’s answer, two members of Agudas Chassidei Chabad came forth and offered to take care of the situation, but over two weeks have passed, and we haven’t heard from them… The situation didn’t change (the teachers didn’t get paid for 3 months).

    We therefore turn again to the Rebbe to ask – what direction should we take to fix the situation, and we ask the Rebbe’s holy blessing.”

    The next day, the Rebbe responded:

     “From now and on, all such matters shall be according to the rulings Rabbonim of the Shchuna [Crown Heights]



    A short while later, a letter signed by the Hanhala Ruchnis – Rabbi Leibel Newman, Mrs. Chana Gorowitz, Mrs. Shaina Tiechtel and Mrs. Chana Feldman was sent to the Rebbe, in which they detail the (lack of) progress in saving Bais Rivkah. The letter stated:

     “Presently the teaching staff of Bais Rivkah has been paid only thru November 15 and has received no commitment from the Va’ad of further payment. The Chinuch of the girls is suffering as it is extremely difficult if not impossible to hire any new teachers, and regular teachers have begun to leave.

    After turning to the Va’ad of Bais Rivkah, to the Beis Din of our Shchuna together withe the Va’ad, and to Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch through the Va’ad, we have not made any progress in the situation. None of the above seem to feel that they have the right to appoint a Menahel Gashmi.

    As the Hanhala Ruchnis responsible for the Chinuch of 1100 students – […], is there anything else we should do to avoid the further destruction of the institution?”


    The Rebbe’s circled the words “anything” and responded with a sharp response that left no place for doubt:

    “?! This is the opposite of what was stressed this past Shabbos, the words of the Mishna: “Search through it [the Torah] for everything is in it.

    (If you did not participate in the Farbrengen, ask [others who were present]).

    Demand a written Psak Din from the Rabbonim of the Shchuna [Crown Heights] Sheyichyu – as it is stated plainly in Shulchan Aruch



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    1. av

      Don’t understand? ??

    2. danny

      I dont think they want to get involved

    3. Yosul

      A few points to consider:

      1) Beis Chaya Mushka and Benos Menachem will be happy to accept all students who want to change schools. Both schools have no financial problems, are fully open and functioning and they pay their teachers on time.

      2) The Rebbe often mentioned that the Klal is that the Last One to leave (to save themselves) is the Captain of the Ship.

      Whenever a Mosad cries poverty, the first place we need to look is at the captain of the ship, i.e. the Hanhala Gashmis, what type of car do they drive and what type of house they live in and how well to do they are, themselves.

      If there is not enough money to pay the teachers, then how can it be that the Hanhala Gashmis, live like Gevirim?

      The Hanhala Gashmis need to be the last ones to get paid, after everyone else is paid and if such system was implemented, you can be sure that the Hanhala Gashmis, who is “sitting at the shisel” of money, will not go starving and will be able to eat only after all the teachers eat first.

      3) The Hanhala Gashmis, of every school, has a habit of relating to poor parents, who can’t afford full tuition, as “garbage” and like they are doing them a big favor by taking them in at scholarship rates.

      This is a big myth.

      The fact is that all the Mosdos, make far more money form the poor than from the rich, because the poor entitlements enables the schools to get much more than what they can get form the rich parents.

      4) If the Merkos would not spend countless Millions and Millions of dollars
      yearly, to fight fellow Lubavitchers in the Goyishe courts, as they spend
      Millions yearly, against the Gaboim and against Vaad Lehafotzas Sichos and against countless others, these MILLIONS of $, of Tzedaka Money which Merkos throws in the Garbage, yearly, is more than enough to cover the Budget of all the teachers, not only now but for future decades too!

      Instead of Merkos taking money which Yidden donate at Kol Nidrey “to
      Lubavitch” and squandering Millions of Dollars yearly in the courts on
      making a Chilul Hashem, they could easily pay all the teachers and still be left with millions more of leftover money.

    4. Bar Seichel

      We know WHOSE school this is. He doesn’t allow any daylight to shine on the REAL financial status of this school against the Rebbe’s wishes that every mossad should give open financial accounting.

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