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    In these very troubling and unsure times, everyone needs a rock to lean on – stable grounds to catch our composure, and get a grip on where we stand. EVERYONE needs juice and nourishment for the soul every day, especially these days • Full Story, Buy Book


    In these very troubling and unsure times, everyone needs a rock to lean on – stable grounds to catch our composure, and get a grip on where we stand. EVERYONE needs juice and nourishment for the soul every day, especially these days.

    “A SPIRITUAL SOUL BOOK” is the ideal fuel – most powerful concepts and inspiration – based on authentic and eternal truths. The knowledge in this book will open your own eyes your own heart & soul, to see and benefit from the deep well, which is already there, of blessings and strength all around and within.

    Normally $34.99 for all 312 Chapters 790 pages – During Chanukah, there will be a 20% discount and
    this incredible SOUL BOOK is available for $28.00!


    For BULK orders of more than 20 copies, please contact me [email protected] and

    The price is $20.00 per book over 40% discount.

    This book is an ideal book (Chanukah GIFT) for Baalei Batim to read one chapter randomly or the entire book for greater impact.  This book is an ideal book to study with anyone for spiritual guidance and soul strength.

    I have heard back from Shluchim – Doctors – Attorneys – Professors – Psychologists, Professionals even 13 year old and the feedback is truly only phenomenal. This book, — A SPIRITUAL SOUL BOOK — has been downloaded on Kindle THOUSANDS of times.  YOU WILL BE VERY HAPPY AND ENRICHED WITH THE KNOWLEDGE IN —  A SPIRITUAL SOUL BOOK.

    Read a sample chapter below:


    Once, the Great Rabbi Aaron of Karlin was asked what he learned from his teacher, the preacher of Mezritch. He answered, “Nothing.” He was asked, “What do you mean by ‘nothing’”?

    He replied, “I learned by being with my teacher and mentor that I am nothing.”

    It is said of the Great Rabbi Aaron of Karlin that when he would recite the “song of songs” (considered the Holy of Holies of all the books in the Bible) authored by King Solomon on Friday afternoons, the angels would stop their own singing and gather to hear Rabbi Aaron. One Friday evening, the preacher of Mezritch asked Rabbi Aaron to compose a song in honor of the Shabbat. Rabbi Aaron composed the very spiritual song sung and recited on hundreds of thousands of tables every Shabbat, “God, I yearn to feel the pleasure, ecstasy, and bliss of the Shabbat, harmonious and one with your charming nation.” A song and prayer totally of spirit and soul.

    It is widely accepted that an atom is almost entirely 99.9999999999999999% empty space. Add to that the fact that we are approximately 70% water and the rest carbon, give or take a little here and there. Anyone who contemplates just a little who they are — like, “Who am ‘I’? What am ‘I’? Who is it that thinks and experiences life? What is actually and categorically the real ‘me’?” — must be greatly mystified by the question.

    Especially if one is to consider quantum physics and the notion that everything is energy; all of it together does not really sound or look good to the one who can touch his body and the table in front of him, and who believes that what he sees and what he touches is all that is there.

    So, what are we? Who are we? Moreover, what is it all about?

    We are the awareness and the experience of the self.

    The physical world, which is finite in time and space, has its beginning and has its end. We existed before we come into this world and we (the awareness of self) continue to exist after we leave the physical world.

    The mystic Rabbi Yitzchak Luria taught that we are not physical bodies who experience spirituality. To the contrary, who we are is spiritual. It cannot be seen, touched, or measured, but is there by the mere fact that we are aware of our existence, something that no other creature in the world is able to experience.

    A stone or a tree never knows it is alive. Animals, while they have emotional experiences, never know of their existence in third person as a human knows of itself.

    We (our Godly souls) are sent down to this physical world to deal with this illusion and overcome the temptations and distractions this fooling world throws in our direction every time we want to compromise the spiritual for the physical. Every time we exercise this strength and victory, the soul is strengthened many times over.

    The great works of Chassidus explain that in truth there is nothing else but Him, in the heavens above and in the world below. It is all energy. Godly energy. HIM. God gives us the gift of self-awareness, so we should use it to serve Him. Falling for the superficiality, the glitter and gleam of this world, means being trapped by the mere appearance, which is without substance.

    Every time we use our God-given free choice that comes with self-awareness to do what is right, we enhance our true selves. We enrich our real existence, for all eternity, since the soul is forever. The things we do for our bodies and everything related to this world is temporary. The nice things, the Godly things we do with our souls and for our souls, the Godly wisdom we acquire, and the improvement of our character, remain forever as part of our accomplishments and identity, to reap its reward forever.



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    1. I Purchased this book.

      I purchased this book and let me tell you the essays on Chanukah alone make it worthwhile. Filled with Chassidus, stories, and wonderful spiritual upbeat concepts. Highly recommended.

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