‘Yissachar and Zvulun’ Project Returns Bigger and Better


    ‘Yissachar and Zvulun’ Project Returns Bigger and Better

    Photos by Dov Ber Hechtman for ChabadInfo

    In an impressive ceremony, Temimim in this year’s Kevutzah gathered for the opening of ‘Yissachar and Zvulun’ 5783. This year they are doubling its membership to 350 students and adding a new study track • Full Story, Photos

    The revolution continues! The ‘Igud Talmidei Hakvutza, which ran an overwhelmingly successful ‘Yissachar and Zvulun’ learning initiative program for bochurim learning in Tomchei Temimim – 770 last yeshiva year, is back at it for another learning year.

    As ChabadInfo has reported many times, ‘Yissachar and Zvulun’ is a program that incentivizes bochurim to keep sidrei hayeshiva and learn with great energy and interest by providing financial incentives to help them cover the costs of being in 770.

    Last yeshiva year, as well as throughout the summer, the bochurim participated in a wide variety of learning tracks, which they themselves chose. Whether it was Hemshech Samech Vov, Gemara Shabbos, Geulah u’moshiach or Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim, the temimim learned with great chayus and successfully passed the tests for each respective track.

    The Igud’s program has increased its participation to 350 temimim for this year. ATO was excited to announce at the beginning of this year the opening of a new track of Gemara B’Iyun, with the bochurim learning Meseches Gittin in a new way.

    At the end of the event, the Temimim registered, each one chose track that works for them.

    * * *

    ATO’s ‘Yissachar V’Zevulun’ scholarship program helps Kevutza’s Bouchrim financially so they can sit and learn without worry or financial struggle.

    The great sight repeats itself every month and now for the tenth time, after the examination of the tests, the distribution of scholarships worth tens of thousands of dollars was held to finance the personal expenses of the Temimim.

    The goal of the project is clear, so that every Tomim can invest all his energy in learning the Torah without having to worry about basic living expenses on his own. And the results speak for themselves and many of the Temimim see the enormous profit they have from their participation in the project, both b’ruchnius and B’ashmios aspect.

    How Does It Works? Five serious study tracks have been opened with goals for the whole year, at the end of each month there is a test and at the beginning of the following month each Tomim receives a respectable financial scholarship for personal financing!

    The first track is in the learning Hemshech 5656, so that during the year they will learn and finish all the ma’amarim in the Hemshech.

    A Second track is Practical Halacha, in such a way that they will learn and finish Chelek Alef of the Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Aruch.

    A Third track is in the Girsa, Daf by daf, in a way they will learn and finish Meseches Gittin in one year.

    The Fourth track, Geulah U’Moshiach, so that throughout the year they will learn and complete Likutei Sichos Geulah U’Moshiach!

    New for this year is the Fifth track is learning meseches Gittin with Rashi and Tosfos and finish it in one year.




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    ‘Yissachar and Zvulun’ Project Returns Bigger and Better