Op-Ed: Dear Rabbi Manis Friedman




    Op-Ed: Dear Rabbi Manis Friedman

    I recently saw a video clip from a class of yours. In this class, you’re asked the question, “Is it possible that ‘J’ is Moshiach?” Now, when you answered that question – and I’m sure you have your sources, too – I truly did not understand what it is you meant • Full Article

    Dear Rabbi Manis Friedman,

    I recently saw a video clip from a class of yours. In this class, you’re asked the question, “Is it possible that ‘J’ is Moshiach?”

    Now, when you answered that question – and I’m sure you have your sources, too – I truly did not understand what it is you meant when saying that it is possible that he will be the Moshiach who will take the Yidden out of Golus, as it is promised to us in Torah.

    However, I fear there is a much greater problem in what came after that. You went on to saying something to which explanation could be given. Whether you believe yourself in the idea of the Rebbe being Moshiach or not, there is a certain level of respect due to those that do and to the Rebbe himself.

    So after giving a very “interestingly strange” answer to the above mentioned question, you are asked regarding the Rebbe – our Rebbe – and the possibility of him being Moshiach. To that you answer (referencing belief in “J”), and I quote: “The same thing, if the world is perfect, then you could debate who did it, but when the world is not perfect you’re talking about a prediction for the future?!” And when asked to explain the difference between the belief in the Rebbe being Moshiach and the belief in “J” being Moshiach you respond: “It’s the same problem! He’s going to come back?”

    Rabbi Friedman, I will not bother explaining the belief of Rabbonim, Chassidim, people who are Yirei Shomayim, who strongly believe in the Rebbe being Moshiach, and have all the proofs necessary from Halacho, Torah, and the Sichos of the Rebbe. For two simple reasons:

    1. I believe you understand the concept very well, and being a Chossid with a Lubavitcher Neshomo, you, too, believe strongly in the fact that our Rebbe is Moshiach. Although that belief may be hidden, it’s definitely there.

    2. I fear that our problem is far greater.

    So, let’s put aside the fact that you consider yourself a “Chabad Chossid” who believes in everything the Rebbe says. Let’s talk as if you were an “outsider” speaking about Chabad.

    The belief in the Rebbe being Moshiach – yes, even after Gimmel Tammuz, is a belief, as mentioned before, of great Rabbonim, Chassidim, and people who serve Hashem with all their heart and soul. A belief that is based in Torah, Halacha, and the words of our Rebbe himself. And with all the respect Rabbi, to compare that belief of true Chassidim, Baalei Mesiras Nefesh, to the belief in “J,” Yimach Shemo, is a disgrace to Judaism as a whole, to Chabad in particular, and to the Rebbe himself!

    How dare someone (especially such a respected person) compare the two?!

    One belief is about someone the Gemoro uses the phrase “Yimach Shemo” on, and one is the Leader of our generation. The Lubavitcher Rebbe. Even if you don’t respect the Rebbe or his followers – to compare this case to “J”?!

    As the Rebbe once referred to similar horrible remarks: “Oy, L’oiso Chilul Hashem, l’chol hapochois hot er gekunt shvigen.” [=Oy, to that Chilul Hashem, the least he could have done was to keep quiet.”]

    Rabbi, no explanation can be given for the things you’ve said. What’s needed here is a true real apology. I believe you owe the Rebbe and his Chassidim an apology.

    Whether you believe in the Rebbe being Moshiach or not is a topic in and of itself, which also should be discussed. But even if you don’t, such words cannot be said.

    Just imagine, if this comparison was made by someone not listed in the Tzach list. Not a Chabad Chossid. How would YOU react?


    I wish to end off with a story which I feel the need to mention. In the year 1982, a certain individual said some harsh words about the respected Chofetz Chaim. The following Shabbos, at the Farbrengen of Chof-Daled Teves, the Rebbe dedicated a large part of the Farbrengen to this topic. The Rebbe asked the Chassidim, “How can it be that none of the Talmidim of the Chofetz Chaim felt the need to make a Macho’oh (protest) against what was said about their Rebbe?”

    When someone talks about your Rebbe, you protest.


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    1. Yes

      Thumbs up to the writer.

    2. why is he any better.....

      than shach?! shach also said miserable, vulgar and derogatory remarks regarding (L’HAVDIL BEIN KEDUSHA L’TUMA) the Rebbe MH”M – so what happened?

      He ended up completely senile, and a vegetable. Apparently this family thinks that because of their last name, they can say and do whatever they want!

      They are mistaken. Yaish din v’yaish dayin!

    3. This is not Mannis Friedman's first be-hoovering statement

      Manis Friedman jumped on the wagon to endorse the Kosher switch where today all the accepted Poskim and Rabbonim have called it desecration of Shabbos.


      Moshiach Now.

    4. mendel

      It would seem that manis was trying defend the possibility of the rebbe being moshiach by including yoshke – although he should have simply said that the inyan of moshiach is to restore the torah and yoshke did the opposite.
      At any rate he should think before he talks – even when trying to “defend” the above position…

    5. Who wrote this?

      So beautifully written!! Yasher koach for bringing the point out so well!

    6. Anonymous

      well said , thanks for addressing this very distressing, inappropriate and misleading talk by Manis Friedman.

    7. Yes Al Haolam

      Love you moishe!!!! keep up the good work!!!!!!!! I always loved your Farbrengens

    8. Confused more then before

      He answered all of that ion his Facebook page and it seems more confusing then before
      You can see it for yourself

    9. Shimon

      Yechi HaMelech HaMoshiach!

      I remember many years ago in Minnesota, he was the strongest proponent of the Rebbe being Moshiach. In Tishrei 5746 something happened to him and he was never the same. He went to Crown Heights for Rosh HaShana and when he came back he started saying very strange things. (He kept referring to Yoel.) This went on and on. In his own words in Elul, 5748, “We lost our Emunah.”

      So it happened long before 27 Adar and 3 Tammuz.

      “How the mighty have fallen.”

      But it’s one thing to fall. It’s another to dive off the cliff! What he said here is absolute insanity…very sick.

      I must conclude on a positive note: My family merited to be part of the Yechidus Klalis that went by the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach on 27 Tishrei, 5754 to receive a dollar (the only time so far since 27 Adar). When I passed by, I said, ”Shalom Aleichem, Melech HaMoshiach.” He nodded in acceptance and gave me a dollar נענע לי בראשו

    10. Binyamin Braun


      When one does not have a Rebbe this is what happens. they speak like an idot. Such a great Mashpia even when he is not into Yechi. but Halachicly I think it is a problem to take anything from him since he said that his father or grandfather were nice people and could be Moshiach. Now that is a problem as well since they are Kohanim. But to speak about the Nasi like that needs Tschuwah serious

    11. Mrs. Altmann

      B”H Maybe consider the audience for that particular video… his role is to bring everyone together, and prepare everyone for the Geula… this is why, it was told to me by Jena Morris, the editor of “Blush”, he was proposing to write “Blush” (before that name had been chosen for it). So many Jews who might be watching such a video are lost in secularism or idolatry, and to make a technical point such as the idea that the role of Melech HaMoshiach can be filled by any man who’s Malchus Ben Dovid, and to determine b’vadai who that is requires the fulfillment of all the prophecies pertaining to him, as detailed in Yalkut Shimoni. So we may not be there yet. For those of us who live in the world, strictly, of the Rebbe’s teachings, we see that the Rebbe already did perform Kibbutz Galuyoseinu, and did fight and win all the wars of the Yidden, and even rebuilt the Beit HaMikdash haShlishi… in a sense. But unless you are on a very spiritual level and are very close to him, you may notice that even Jewish websites are still showing photos and videos taken or flimed right now, with the Har HaBayit still devoid of the Third Temple, to our fleishige oigenem, and not only are Yidden scattered in every locale on this globe imaginable (no wonder the shluchim have to travel to and settle in such way-out places) and we are beleaguered still, in the Holy Land, with terrorism and threats of a very dangerous war, chas v’chalila. (Just please don’t look to see what happened, I think, in Tel Aviv, please don’t , it’s shloshes ymei hagbalah and I do not want any Yid to cry now… ) So many Yidden do not even know they are Jewish as their mothers hid it from them and then left this world. You might say the three bochurim at Halhul Junction HY”D did not die, they just got a free admission to the most excellent yeshiva in Gan Eden. But some people will continue to be disillusioned as they see where we have not gotten to, and fall prey to the seductions of secular and idolatrous thought. I think this mashpia is telling them that technically it could possibly be that one, in whose name we have been tortured, massacred, maligned and killed for nearly 2000 years. You might ask, where is the connection? It seems, as I heard from one non-Jew in about 1978, that some non-Jewish religionists of the Ch_______ variety, believe he was a descendant of Dovid HaMelech. If so, it seems technically he would qualify as a possible candidate for this supremely august position. To make such a statement is a way to engage the interest of lost Jews, so that perhaps they will become interested in Yiddishkeit and join the community, and then Moshiach will really be revealed more quickly. I think he is just trying to engage Jewish intellects and lead them to ask questions that will in the end take them in the right direction. In other classes he has said that this fellow has a sentence of fifty-thousand jubilees in Gehinnom, and that a Jewish person should not wear garments manufactured by Ch____ian Dior, as that is to boldly invite bad luck, and not just that, but to engage in or use anything involving his name. It’s clear, from his teaching, that this fellow is in very bad detention for a long time and we’d best forget about him, for our sake and even for his… but perhaps it was necessary to mention him in this context to try and shlep along the many Jews who do have a positive connotation to that name, that they should be interested and think, feel, speak and act like Yidden, join the community, and get busy bringing the Geula (which will make them so busy that they will, please hashem, forget his name anyhow). But I would not want to put words in the good mashpia’s mouth. This is just my take on it. Re. what BB sheyichyeh wrote, I think, again, you have to consider the audience, and also that the statement that his father or grandfather might have been Moshiach because they were nice people was perhaps in a metaphoric way… they’re representing Moshiach in the lives of those they have helped, and perhaps this is meaningful for those who are so out of the community that they have never met anyone who is from Malchus Ben Dovid. I heard from my chevrusa that the Rebbe has spoken in a sicho saying that we all have not just a pintele Yid, but also a pintele Moshiach. Until Moshiach is revealed, b’vadai, along with fulfillment of all the prophecies regarding his coming and the arrival of the Bayit Shlishi, each of us has to BE Moshiach in some way (not, however, to argue with the next guy regarding who is more Moshiachdich) in whatever way he or she can, according, each of us, to his or her kochos hanefesh (please see a chapter in Heichaltzu about learning to accept different kinds of Jews, and the Alter Rebbe’s maamar “Atem Nitzavim” in Likkutei Torah to understand how we must all get along although diverse, as we each possess different kochos hanefesh and Knesset Yisrael would not be complete if a single one were missing ch”v). So, according to how his father and grandfather, o.b.m., manifest Moshiachdichkeit, they are Moshiach, just the ultimate Moshiach will manifest these kochos hanefesh even more when he’s revealed as such, being that he is a klaliusdike neshomo and encompasses all soul powers, but due to his position of malchus, expresses them even more than any individual. This mashpia, RMMF, actually has what to talk about, because his mother, shetichyeh, is from Malchus Ben Dovid! Anyone who’s close to her has had some of that very special aura rub off on them! And, if that class was given to an ehrliche, chassidishe Lubavitcher crowd, you would ask why I would say consider the audience (I am not sure which class this was, do not have time nowadays to watch every video put up and can’t as I have JNet) you have to know there is always a second audience,, the cyber-world, including some lost Jew who googled, perhaps, a forbidden subject and got this, and now will become a baal tshuvah and join Knesset Yisrael. We do not know for sure whether the “Gospels” were spoken by a single person, or whether that person is just a legend, being actually a composite of a number of people who lived around that time, whose lives and comments are rolled up into one legendary figure, but the Kloiz is certain about his being only one person and a descendant of King David, and make that clear to those whose attention they solicit or those who for some reason care what the Kloiz believes. If we are not polite and courtly about dissuading Jews influenced by the Kloiz from this interpretation of history which even if it could in any sense be true, has been sadly distorted to our great suffering and detriment, we will chas v’sholom lose them altogether, Heav’n spare us! A successful arrival of the Bayit Shlishi requires that every Yid be there.

    12. Mrs. Altmann

      B”H Although this is NOT the style of RMMF, some teachers play “Devil’s advocate”. It’s like the math teacher who deliberately states the theorem in a way that is grossly incorrect, just to see if the students are awake. It’s an educational style. I, however, should probably not be writing, because I have not watched the video in question. Just know that sometimes light enclothes itself in darkness, and that a pearl is to be found inside an oyster.

    13. The Meshihist

      The Rambam already wrote about Yeshua Hanozri of why he cannot be Moshiach. Because he DID NOT FORTIFY THE EDIFICE OF THE TORAH, but caused it to be destroyed, did not save the Jewish people, but caused them to go into exile and caused the majority OF GENTILE NATIONS to serve other gods, not HWYH. And he was killed by the order of the Beth Din.

      The Rebbe through his emissaries continues to take out of golus every single assimilated Jew, AND BRINGS THEM CLOSER TO cHABAD GEULAH, he continues to fight the nations that oppress Israel, and the condition of Jews and Judaism all over the world continues to improve, and the nations begin to realize that Judaism is the only TRUTH.

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