Seagate: My Rebbe’s Yeshiva


    Seagate: My Rebbe’s Yeshiva

    I am an alumni who had the merit of learning in The Rebbe’s Yeshiva in Seagate, founded and directed by Rabbi Avrohom Lipskier. I felt, like many of my friends and classmates felt, that we cannot allow the place we all call home to close • Full Story

    Written by an alumni of Yeshiva Tiferes Menachem

    I am an alumni who had the merit of learning in The Rebbe’s Yeshiva in Seagate, founded and directed by Rabbi Avrohom Lipskier. I felt, like many of my friends and classmates felt, that we cannot allow the place we all call home to close. Whatever the reasons were for the current situation, this place changed our lives. We live as chassidim, as proud Jews, as people with a thirst and fascination for the Rebbe and Chassidus – all thanks to what Yeshiva Tiferes Menachem gave us. In short, this is an open letter to all those who care, who appreciate and who want to strengthen and support the Rebbe’s call for learning, living, and striving for Moshiach, despite the doubts of the world around us.

    I came to Seagate Yeshiva in my last years of high school. I had already tried a few yeshivacations at other yeshivas and heard conflicting opinions about Seagate Yeshiva. My mashpia persuaded me to go and see the truth myself. Being there, I felt the same thing that I felt when two years earlier I landed in a shul with a Chabad Rabbi and had gotten a bris and my Jewish name, I felt the Rebbe. My family had several stories with promises from the Rebbe which came true. One was when my aunt asked the Rebbe about my uncle who had a serious heart condition. The Rebbe assured her that everything would be okay and he lived on for over 20 more years. I knew that if there is truth in this world, it has to be with the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

    I have a faint memory of sitting in the evening in Rabbi Lipskier’s sicha shiur about the Kohen Godel’s pomegranate shaped bells and all I know is that there – I felt at home, I felt Chassidishkeit, i felt the Rebbe.

    Many people came through this Yeshiva’s walls, from all backgrounds, each one with his unique story. College graduates and doctors, pianists, singers, managers, soldiers, and many more… and each one received not only inspiration and guidance on how to become a frum jew, but how to become a mentch, how to become a Chassid, and how to serve G-d with the ultimate degree of being true to oneself. There was no fear of what the world thinks, no holding back and no imposing, there was what’s Real, and it was there for everyone to take and absorb at the time that they were ready for it.

    There’s countless stories that can be said about this institution of the Rebbe, but one thing is for sure – we cannot let it remain in the past. This Yeshiva’s goal, its mission statement, and everything it stands for – for truth and for Moshiach – must continue and its in our hands to make it happen.

    Although the yeshiva is currently not open at its Seagate location, shiurim for Alumni are continuing and plans for reopening it are in the works. There is a vaad working hard to find a way to do so soon! Please join us to be part of it in any way you can.

    If you are interested in helping this become a reality, please email us at

    Additionally, a gofundme page has been made, you can find it and donate to the yeshiva here:

    Ongoing Shiurim

    Rabbi Lipskier teaches a Dvar Malchus Shiur from 7:45 to 8:30pm, Sunday through Thursday at 580 Crown St shul. Rabbi Greenberg has taught a shiur in Franklin Shul on Sundays on Chassidus & Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Aruch, and continues to teach alumni daily at Yagdil Torah, 8:30am-9:30am Chassidus and 11:30-1:30pm Nigleh, as well as Chossan classes for Seagate Alumni & countless others. Rabbi Abba Paltiel teaches an ongoing series on Tefillah, Tuesdays at 2pm with alumni.

    Let’s do our best to share what our Rebbe’s institution has to offer, and allow it to transform the lives of thousands more, to grow & go in the ways of our Rebbe.

    May we merit the immediate revelation of the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach, and may our efforts merit us the Complete and Imminent Redemption.








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    1. Zeev

      It would be nice to know the name of the person who wrote the article, and the names of those who are responsible for the online collecting…

    2. Mikhail Pais

      Shalom reb Zeev, I (Mikhoel Pais) wrote the article & made the gofundme page. Help us make it happen 🙂 Besuros tovos @ Hatslacha rabbah!

    3. Mordy #2

      Everything here is true; amazing and very special mosad. Though not currently teaching (as far as I know) R’ Yisroel Aryeh also deserves a special mention.

    4. yoel hasofer

      Nice pictures good seeing u guys and rabbi lipskier.
      gr8 job seagate alumni for all the good hard work michoel pais have gr8 success with getting things rolling and good luck in general from the holy land…

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