• Cincinatti Set to Add Shiur Beis

    Tomchei Temimim Lubavich Cincinnati -Yeshiva Gedola is pleased to announce the opening of its Shiur Beis for the upcoming year • Full Article

    Tomchei Temimim Lubavich Cincinnati -Yeshiva Gedola is pleased to announce the opening of its Shiur Beis for the upcoming year.

    Baruch Hashem, the Yeshiva has seen much success in the first year of its existence. In particular, the bochurim have made great strides in learning and chassidishkeit. “We know that a bochur’s primary role is to learn Torah, which encompasses nigleh and chassidus,” says Rabbi Levi Simpson, who is menahel ruchni of the Yeshiva. “In addition, we emphasize darkei hachassidus and the importance of hiskashrus to the Rebbe, as well as a koch in moshiach.”

    The success of the Yeshiva can be traced to the dedication of its young staff members, who serve as living examples of how a chossid is to behave. The hanhala works hard to ensure that there is a heimishe, chassidishe atmosphere that is felt throughout the Yeshiva. They display a personal commitment to each individual bochur, allowing the bochurim to internalize the proper hadracha.

    “Today, more than ever, it is important for hanhala to focus on these fundamentals,” explains Rabbi Gershon Avtzon, magid shiur in the yeshiva. “Our yeshiva is geared for bochurim who are serious about learning and are looking to gain in chassidishkeit.”

    Now, the upcoming year will build on this year’s success, by adding Shiur Beis. Rabbi Gershon Avtzon will continue to serve as the magid shiur of the Beis Medresh alongside Rabbi Levi Simpson, who is serving as menahel ruchni and mashpia. In addition, they will be accompanied by a solid group of shluchim and eltere bochrim who are sure to contribute to the chasidisher atmosphere.

    For registration or for any questions please contact the Rabbi Levi Simpson, menahel ruchni of the Beis medrash, at: 513-795-1400 ext. 4 or via email at:


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