The Rebbe’s Opinion On Mashke: A “Shikker” is not a Chassid




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    The Rebbe’s Opinion On Mashke: A “Shikker” is not a Chassid

    Chabadinfo in collaboration with Beis Moshiach Magazine presents: The Rebbe’s Opinion On, a series featuring the Rebbe’s opinion and directive on various subjects • Tidbits from Sichos and letters where the Rebbe talks about mashke • Full Article

    They Think It Helps Them Overpower Their Yetzer Hara – The Opposite is True!

    Unlike the opinion of those who mistakenly think that through drinking mashke, they’ll remove the mud of the Nefesh Habehamis and increase the power of their Nefesh HoElokis, the opposite is true!

    As the Rebbe spoke and instructed to publish – that mashke is a davar ma’us ­— a disgusting thing. Those who want to say that it helps them in serving Hashem are “wrapping it in a silk garment” [making it look holy], and they even go on to say that this is what the Rebbe wants…

    They think they are strengthening the Nefesh HoElokis over the Nefesh Habehamis, but the opposite is true, through this they are strengthening the Nefesh Habehamis over the Nefesh HoElokis… He is taking the King’s head and digging it into the place where the yetzer hara is.

    (Sicha of 2nd Day of Shavuos 5728/1968)

    A “Shikker” is not a “Chassid”

    It’s obvious, that what we’re saying about Simcha isn’t referring to drinking one small cup after another to the point of intoxication, because “a shikker” is not “a Chassid”, and how much more so not “a Chabadnik”, who is all about intellect and understanding. Moreover, intoxication is related to Lot, not to Avrohom, and therefore not to Yitzchok, Yaakov, and his son Yosef – the name[s] of our Rebbe.

    (Sicha of Parshas Ki Seitzei 5748/1988)

    If You Think These Restrictions Don’t Apply to You, They Apply Especially to You

    There are those who consider themselves Shpitz Chabad and thus think that the restrictions don’t apply to them. So to them we are saying – specifically because you think that these restrictions do not apply to you, they apply especially to you! And about the claim that you’re “Shpitz Chabad” – firstly, it’s a doubt if your’e indeed “Shpitz Chabad”, and secondly, that’s not what “Shpitz Chabad” is about. What “Shpitz Chabad” is truly about is spreading Chassidus – this is the “decree that you have no permission to doubt whether you understand it or not”!

    (Sicha of Parshas Chukas 5751/1991)

    One Drop Is Enough For “Ad D’lo Yada”

    For the chiyuv of drinking “ad d’lo yada” on Purim, even one drop can suffice, as long as it can affect him to rise above his own limits of intellect. We see for ourselves, that when one truly wants, then one drop is enough, and if it’s not so then a barrel won’t help…

    (Igros Kodesh Vol. 14 p. 518)

    A Tikkun for Purim and Simchas Torah

    “On Purim and on Simchas Torah,” the Chassid began his confession to the Rebbe in yechidus, “I did not guard the Rebbe’s takana, and I drank more mashke than the amount the Rebbe instructed. What should I do?”

    “The   still stands, even on Purim,” the Rebbe replied, “and since you were not careful and you transgressed it, you can fix the wrong by trying to influence at least another two people who did not keep the takana till today, that they should begin to keep it because of your influence.”

    (B’Sod Siach Vol. 2 p. 41)

    “A Bochur who doesn’t drink is a good Bochur”

    This is especially relevant to bachurim, since they are in the age of “heat” and they can be yotzei with watching how an elderly Chassid nears the “kelishke” [small L’chaim cup], but the bachurim themselves should not drink. And only then, when a bachur does not drink, is he a good bachur and a proper tamim!

    (Sicha of Parshas Devarim 5740/1980)

    Even a 75-Year-Old Should Not Make Kiddush on Mashke

    There was a Yid who had his 75th birthday a few months after the famous sicha of Shabbos Parshas Shemini 5723 when the Rebbe set the guidelines about Mashke drinking.

    As was customary in those years, he had a birthday yechidus with the Rebbe. When he left the yechidus room he shared one of the things he spoke about.

    “I told the Rebbe that I’ve been accustomed for many years that on Shabbos day I make Kiddush on mashke. Now after the Rebbe’s sicha, I’m afraid that the bachurim who see me making Kiddush on mashke will throw towels at me! I don’t know what to do!”

    The Rebbe answered him, “Those bachurim that will throw towels on you are doing the right thing. Because even a Yid of 75 years should not make Kiddush on mashke. (The only time to make Kiddush on mashke is Simchas Torah.)

    Make Kiddush on wine and later during the Farbrengen you drink mashke. But Kiddush has to be on wine, not on mashke.”

    (Rabbi Groner on “Stump the Rabbi.” Reprinted from “Quotes From the Rebbe on Mashke” published by YTTL)


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