From One Shliach To Another: Shliach, Stop Fighting!


    From One Shliach To Another: Shliach, Stop Fighting!

    In honor of this year’s Kinus Hashluchim, Chabadinfo in collaboration with Beis Moshiach Magazine Presents: From One Shliach To Another, a daily OP-ED throughout the kinus where five Shluchim will give advice to other shluchim. Today Rabbi Yehuda Ginsburg of Haifa, Eretz Yisrael shares his advice for his fellow Shluchim • Full Article


    By Rabbi Yehuda Ginsburg, Haifa, Eretz Yisrael

    At the end of the sicha of the Kinus HaShluchim 5752, the Rebbe says that one thing remains, “l’kabel pnei Moshiach Tzidkeinu,” in order to carry out our shlichus and take the Jewish people out of galus. Simply put, since the world is ready and we also have Moshiach here and working in our world, we need to “help” Moshiach finish his shlichus in the world.

    How do we do this? By being mekushar to the Rebbe and fulfilling his instructions, especially the guidance in the sichos of Dvar Malchus. We have an entire way of life to live life better, in a Geula, liberated way.

    True, throughout the generations, Chassidim lived in a Geula manner, rising above the galus limitations of this world and living in a different atmosphere of avodas Hashem, but that entailed great effort both on the part of the Chassid who dealt with many problems from without and within, and the world opposed him. It all had to be done in a way of iskafia, fighting the world and, by doing so, elevating oneself to a state of Geula in avodas Hashem.

    Now, the Rebbe revealed to us that the Geula is in the world and Moshiach has already been revealed, which gives us the ability and the strength to carry out our current shlichus, to live in a Geula manner and to affect our environment in a Geula way, that is, no longer fighting the world but rather seeing the Geula within it.

    Convincing ‘Argument’

    A few months ago, the lady in charge of all preschools in the municipality of Haifa told me that due to legal and security problems, we cannot open our afternoon programs in the Chabad preschools in the city.

    This was a few days before the start of the year which, b’derech ha’teva, did not make it possible to take care of the necessary corrections. She concluded by saying that she hoped that we’d be able to open afternoon programs after the holidays.

    I could have gone to war with her and said: No way! The children need these afternoon programs and it has to happen, etc. but, boruch Hashem, I chose the Geula way. I wrote her a text, “Dear Osnat (pseudonym), I am sure you want to do the best thing for the children. I want to write to the Rebbe tomorrow and give him good news that everything worked out well and the afternoon programs opened. I am sure you will do all you can so the Rebbe will be happy tomorrow.” I added, “I will also write him your name for a bracha for all your personal matters.”

    I don’t need to tell you how the story ended… The afternoon programs opened on Sunday with permission from the municipality, against all odds! And of course I wrote her name to the Rebbe and sent her the answer in the Igros Kodesh.

    We need to get it into our heads that the Geula and the Goel are really in the world and our environment is merely waiting for us to draw them into this Geula life.

    Positive Duch

    I’d like to get practical and suggest that when we write a duch to the Rebbe about our activities, once a week, once in two weeks, or whenever you write, that we add about ourselves when we were successful in  living in a Geula manner and dealt with personal challenges in a Geula way and not in a way of fighting galus.

    And also about another Jew that we are being mekarev, when we were successful in having him fulfill and add in Torah and mitzvos in a Geula manner. In other words, we didn’t “force” him to overpower his animal soul and wage war with himself by means of adding another mitzva or a shiur, but he himself realized and experienced how he is living in a state of Geula, which led him to fulfilling Torah and mitzvos from a sense of connection and pleasure, in a Geula manner.


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