Adar 5752: The Hottest Winter in 770




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    Adar 5752: The Hottest Winter in 770

    Crown Heights, winter 5752: Moshiach is in the air! With the sichos of the Rebbe highlighting the imminent coming of Moshiach and the signs of its materialization, Chabad Chassidim the world-over and particularly in Crown Heights were able to truly sense “the footsteps of Moshiach”. The concept of “Living with Moshiach” was not a mere aspiration or wish, it was a reality • By Menachem Ziegelbaum, Beis Moshiach Magazine • Full Article

    By Menachem Ziegelbaum, Beis Moshiach Magazine

    Crown Heights, winter 5752: Moshiach is in the air! With the sichos of the Rebbe highlighting the imminent coming of Moshiach and the signs of its materialization, Chabad Chassidim the world-over and particularly in Crown Heights were able to truly sense “the footsteps of Moshiach”. The concept of “Living with Moshiach” was not a mere aspiration or wish, it was a reality.

    As the months progressed, the idea of Moshiach and Geula turned to being the central theme of every sicha; with the Rebbe connecting everything in Yiddishkeit and world events to this fundamental topic.

    In this article we will primarily describe the events leading up to the fateful day of Chof-Zayin Adar I, seeing clearly how the Rebbe prepared the Chassidim for the situation of he’elem v’hester and provided us with the tools and kochos — as well as the assurance — that we will soon merit its conclusion.

    Gimmel Shvat 5752: Adding to the power of speech of Nesi Doreinu

    On Gimmel Adar, the Rebbe surprised the small crowd present for Mincha when he asked for a microphone and launched into a particularly unordinary sicha. In this sicha the Rebbe decried in heartfelt terms the speech impediment that existed by the Frierdiker Rebbe. Recalling a remark made by the doctor of the Frierdiker Rebbe, the Rebbe cried out: “How could it be that the speech of a Nasi Ha’dor which communicates dvar Hashem and Toras HaChassidus be impaired?” The Rebbe went on to instruct the Chassidim that we have the responsibility to “make up” for this lacking by learning and relaying to others an abundance of the Torah of Nesi Doreinu.

    “Add the sichos of the recent time”

    Another intriguing event that transpired on that very same day was the instruction of the Rebbe to print the second booklet containing the Rebbes own Likkutei Sichos b’Inyonei Geula U’Moshiach. The booklet had been prepared since Iyar 5751 by the members of Vaad L’Hafotzas Sichos and had been waiting for the Rebbe’s approval before being sent to print.

    Now, some nine months later (!) the Rebbe instructed that it be hastily printed and that there be added to the booklet a number of sichos from 5752 which deal with inyonei Moshiach.

    The Possibility of Only One Adar

    The next day the Rebbe said a special sicha after Maariv. In this sicha the Rebbe spoke about the possibility of there only being one Adar that year, even though it had already been announced on Shabbos Mevorchim about there being two Adars.

    A unique fact regarding this sicha is the fact that it was public knowledge that there was going to be a sicha that night, unlike most weekday sichos which were a complete surprise.

    That Sunday, Rabbi Yosef Tenenbaum passed by the Rebbe during Sunday Dollars to ask the Rebbe for his bracha in regard to his upcoming visit to South Africa. The Rebbe proceeded to tell him that he should relay in South Africa the contents of the sicha that would be said that night after Maariv.

    Lemaan Yilmidu Chosson Kallah

    In retrospect, Chassidim saw in this sicha clear hints to the situation of 27 Adar I. The Rebbe Rashab brings down that a leap-year is a year in which there is a fear that negative events will transpire, and it seems that the Rebbe wanted to avoid these events with the hope that there would be only one Adar which would lead straight into Nissan, Chodesh HaGeula.

    Also, the painful sicha of Gimmel Shevat, with the Rebbe speaking in such strong terms about the necessity for the Nasi Hador’s speech to be in perfect order, less than two months before 27 Adar cannot be ignored.

    Sichos Almost Every Day!

    During the last days of Shevat and first few weeks of Adar I, Chassidim merited a shefa of surprise sichos kodesh and dollar distributions which followed them. For three consecutive weeks, the Rebbe surprised Chassidim with a sicha on four occasions (!) during the week, until these “surprises” became a sort of norm.

    This unparalleled abundance of giluyim brings to mind the mashal brought in Basi L’Gani about the king who totally gives himself over to the simple soldiers, revealing his greatest treasures in order to achieve the ultimate victory.

    As the Rebbe’s sichos regarding Moshiach intensified, Chassidim were spurred to action; learning, teaching and publicizing these groundbreaking messages.

    One telling example is a letter coming from Chicago, IL, written to the Rebbe by one of the shluchim to the city, Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf:

    “The students of our Cheder here are animatedly involved in the theme of Moshiach. The Jewish community, too, is discussing how in Lubavitch there is a tremendous excitement about Moshiach, and about the Lubavitcher Rebbe being Moshiach. We see evidently that when we speak about such matters pleasantly and sincerely, our words are accepted. The time has come for Hashem to answer the supplication of Am Yisrael for the hisgalus of Moshiach, immediately mamash”.

    On Erev Rosh Chodesh Adar I the Rebbe answered:

    שימשיך בבשו”ט [בבשורות טובות] אזכיר עה”צ [על הציון]

    Continue delivering good news. I will mention this at the tziyun.”

    A Month of Healthy Mazal

    Another major subject discussed in these sichos dealt with Chodesh Adar having “a healthy and strong mazal” (“בריא ותקיף”) and the power of the 60 days of the two Adar months to be mevatel (nullify) all negative things.

    In an answer to the Moshiach Committee who reported regarding the Melaveh Malka they had held Motzaei Shabbos Parshas Yisro, the Rebbe wrote:

    הזמ”ג [הזמן גרמא] להרבות בשמחה ובכפליים “שישים יום” אזכיר על הציון.

    In accordance with this, dancing with live music was held nightly in 770 from 10:00-12:00 AM. During the dancing a brief interval was held during which Rabbis Berel Lipsker and Shloma Majeski gave a chazarah (oral repetition) of the latest sichos of the Rebbe (as described above, often of that very night!).

    Purim Katan 5752: The Rebbe Distributes the Maamar!

    In honor of Purim Katan, the Rebbe edited a maamar which discussed how the emuna and mesirus nefesh of Yidden is empowered by the Nasi Ha’dor. In the maamar V’Atah Tetzaveh of 5741, the Rebbe explains at length the special role of a Rebbe, the Moshe of the generation, who deepens and reveals our inborn connection to Hashem. The maamer proceeds to explain a higher level in mesirus nefesh which is demanded in our generation: A Jew who enjoys a good life in the material and even spiritual sense must nevertheless be totally crushed,  “אינגאנצען צוטרייסלט”, from the fact that we do not have the ultimate Divine revelation which will be experienced in Yemos HaMoshiach.

    The Rebbe was often magiah a maamar in those years, but then came a surprise:

    At 8:00pm of Yud-Gimmel Adar I, the maamar was brought in to the Rebbe’s holy room. At 2:15 the Rebbe placed the maamar as it was mugeh on the table next to his room (where urgent letters were placed). At 5:50am, a copy of the printed mugeh’dike maamar was placed on this table together with a duch of all the places the maamar was sent to throughout the world (through the Fax A Sicha service).

    Not more than ten minutes passed and the Rebbe took the maaamar and the duch from the table into his room. In a rare move the Rebbe wrote a response regarding the duch expressing his hope that the maamar cause the desirable effect.

    The next afternoon, Monday, 13 Adar I, the Rebbe left 770 and headed towards his car which was to take him to the mikva, holding the maamar in his hand. As he neared the car, the Rebbe told R’ Leibel Groner that he wanted to hand out the maamar that night, along with two dollars and lekach (this would be the third time the Rebbe was to distribute lekach besides the usual lekach distributions during Tishrei).

    By the time Rebbe had come back from the mikva, the exciting news had already spread like wildfire…

    At 6:40pm, the Rebbe entered a packed shul for Mincha-Maariv. Hundreds of Anash and tmimim had also come in from the surrounding cities, Boston, New Haven and Morristown. At the corner of the bima, the sicha shtender had already been prepared for a sicha following Maariv.

    During the kaddeishim, the Rebbe gazed at the two Lapine children who stood next to the bima.

    At 7:05pm, the Rebbe began a special sicha which lasted some 10 minutes. Following this, the Rebbe stood for the next three hours, handing out to men, women and children the special maamar. It is estimated that over 8,000 (!) people were zoche to receive the kuntres from the Rebbe’s holy hand. During the chalukah, the Rebbe looked very “opgeleigt” (in good spirits) smiling to many, especially to children. The Rebbe also strongly encouraged the singing of the bachurim, similar to a “kos shel bracha” distribution.

    מרכז סת”ם 720

    Adar I 5752: The Missing Moon

    During the month of Adar I 5752 it was very overcast, and the Rebbe and Chassidim were not zoche to be mekadesh the levana. Eyewitnesses testify that during the nights preceding Chof-Zayin Adar, the lights in the Rebbe’s room were on throughout the night more than usual.

    The Rebbe asked R’ Berel Junik to be on the look-out for a levana and if there would be one to notify him immediately.

    Chassidim later referred to a sicha the Rebbe had given during Chol-HaMoed Sukkos of that year in which he had mentioned a saying of R’ Hillel Paritcher who said, וואס וואלט דעמאלט געווען — Who knows what could have happened if I wouldn’t be able to be mekadesh the levana?”

    It should be noted that also in Tishrei 5738, during which the Rebbe suffered a heart attack, there had not been an opportunity to be mekadesh the levana…

    Parshas Vaykhel 5752: The Last Farbrengen to Date

    On Shabbos Parshas Vayakhel we were zoche to the last Farbrengen (with sichos) לע”ע . The sichos were said in a special style, the Rebbe discussing at length the concepts of Ahavas and Achdus Yisrael and giving tzedaka in a boundless measure. The Rebbe pointed out the uniqness of the year תשנ”ב , in that we see the beginning of the nevu’ah of קיבוץ גלויות taking place, with countless Jews being able to make aliyah to Eretz Yisrael, with the knowledge and assistance of the nations of the world!

    The Rebbe also discussed the need to Yidden to wake up from their slumber in regards to spiritual matters, quoting the words of the Rambam, עורו ישנים משינתכם.

    On Motzaei Shabbos, a תקציר, a short overview of the Rebbe’s farbrengen, was given it to the Rebbe as was done every Motzaei Shabbos. The Rebbe had almost never edited the תקציר, save the first time it appeared following the shturemdike sichos of Shabbos Parshas Vayikra 5750, and no one expected that it be released mugah this time either.

    The תקציר had already been printed and faxed out internationally, when the Rebbe surprisingly released it mugah several hours later with several hagahos!

    Sunday, 26 Adar I: Dollars

    On Sunday, 26 Adar I, following Mincha which took place in Gan Eden Ha’tachton the Rebbe gave out dollars, as on every Sunday. The Rebbe gave out dollars for over five hours (!), from around 2:30pm until 7:30pm. R’ Leibel Groner relates that about three hours into the distribution the Rebbe asked (for the first time since the beginning of the Dollar distributions) if there is a large crowd waiting and then instructed that only those who were already waiting inside 770 downstairs be able to receive a dollar.

    Following Maariv, in a rare move the Rebbe asked that Dr. Feldman visit him in his room. Towards the end of the visit Dr. Feldman asked the Rebbe to refrain from going to the Ohel on the morrow. The Rebbe replied, “ און וואס וועלן זאגן די חסידים?!”  — “How will the Chassidim take it?”

    Monday, 27 Adar I: Enroute to the Ohel

    The next day, before the Rebbe headed to the mikva (as he always does before visiting the Ohel) the Rebbe wrote an answer to R’ Dovid Nachshon who had informed the Rebbe of an article on inyonei Geula u’Moshiach which would be placed in the Tzivos Hashem magazine in Eretz Yisrael: “נתקבל ות”ח. אזעה”צ”

    At 2:45pm the Rebbe exited 770 and distributed coins to children and others who were present near his car which was to drive him to the Ohel. Before entering the car, the Rebbe waved his hand “goodbye” in a now-famous photo captured by Fridrich Vishinski.

    At around 5:45pm, it was known in 770 that “something had happened to the Rebbe” at the Ohel. [See Moments With the Rebbe in this issue for more on the day of 27 Adar I].

    Singing and Dancing

    That night there was a question if dancing should be held as had been done during the previous day or not, taking into account the bitter situation. The organizers inquired of the opinion of Rav Yehuda Kalman Marlow who proceeded to call the Rebbe’s mazkir, R’ Leibel Groner, asking him what he thinks regarding the matter.

    Rabbi Groner responded that he feels that it should surely be held and with an even greater shturem. “Indeed, this is what the Rebbe forewarned us – to nullify all bad things through adding in simcha”, he exclaimed.

    That night, hundreds of Chassidim danced amid tears to the words ”Der Rebbe iz gezunt; Moshiach kumt shoin! — the Rebbe is well, Moshiach is soon arriving”. All cried out from the depths of their souls “Yechi Adoneinu Moreinu v’Rabbeinu Melech HaMoshiach L’olam Va’ed!” hoping and praying for the Rebbe’s speedy refuah and the Geula shleimah.

    Many recalled the words of the Rebbe in תשל”ח after suffering a massive heart-attack that his refuah will be brought about through an increase in simcha and stated unequivocally that getting depressed over the situation is totally against his holy will. This feeling of Chassidim was proven to be on the mark when several days later on Thursday, 30 Adar I, the Rebbe was heard saying an entire sentence —  “תהי’ רפואה קרובה ברוב שירה וזמרה”

    In addition to this Dr. Eli Rosen, one of the doctors who were present in the Rebbe’s room in those years, related that he heard the Rebbe say  on numerous occasions the words ”שירה וזמרה”.

    “אינגאנצען צוטרייסלט”

    The activities that Chassidim took on as a catalyst to bring about the Rebbe’s refuah were primarily directed in three areas:

    1) Copious saying of Tehillim and adding in Tefilla. During the first weeks after 27 Adar there were minyanim in 770, 24 hours a day saying Tehillim for the Rebbe. Many Chassidim also said the portion of Tehillim as it is divided into the days of the week.

    2) Abundant study of the Rebbe’s Torah. In accordance with the sicha of Gimmel Shevat, mentioned above, Chassidim added in their learning and hafatza of the Rebbe’s maamarim, sichos and igros in a bountiful measure.

    yoni lorber

    3) Most importantly, added chayus in Moshiach-related activities. To Chassidim it was clear that the way to bring about the Rebbe’s refuah was first and foremost through being involved in the latest sichos and instructions the Rebbe had given. These being the unique sichos of תנש”א-ב, which discuss at length the special time we find ourselves in and the need to koch in learning, teaching and publicizing about the immediate arrival of Moshiach.

    Many new initiatives were taken on in this regard in the following months which received the Rebbe’s explicit haskama u’bracha.

    The Jewish population in general expressed great interest and concern in the Rebbe’s situation.

    Thousands signed a form for קבלת המלכותand took upon themselves hachlatos to add inקיום המצות to hasten the refuah and Geula.

    27 Adar Today

    Today, standing 30 years later, we cannot let the time which has lapsed turn galus into an acceptable and “livable” reality. The Rebbe and we suffer רח”ל today just as much as then and awaits בקוצר רוח וכליון עינים to be revealed. We must be “akshanim”, stubborn in staying committed to the clear instructions of the Rebbe and doing all we possibly can to bring them to their fulfillment.

    Very soon we will be zoche to the fulfillment of the Rebbe’s nevuah, ‘הנה הנה משיח בא’.


    27 Adar didn’t Change a Thing…

    At the Farbrengen of 11 Nissan 5752, R’ Leibel Groner related: “A certain woman wrote to the Rebbe that ‘Some people are saying that what transpired on 27 Adar occurred as result of the special activities designed to hasten the Geula; as a result of our petition to Hashem that the Rebbe should be nisgaleh as Melech HaMoshiach. If this is true’ the women wrote, ‘are we to conclude that we should stop such activities’”?

    “To this question the Rebbe did not respond,” said Rabbi Groner.

    “Should no answer be given to this woman?” I asked the Rebbe. The Rebbe negated this suggestion.

    “Should I answer her at all?” I asked. “The Rebbe indicated an affirmative response. “I continued to ask, “Should I notify her that such activities to hasten the arrival of the Geula and the hisgalus of the Rebbe should stop?”

    The Rebbe negated this.

    “Should I tell her to continue, and to do so in an increasing measure?”

    The Rebbe responded affirmatively.


    The above took place on Friday. The following Sunday a similar letter was sent. After I read it to the Rebbe, I informed him that that I had communicated his earlier response to the first letter, and that it created quite a stir. To my question ‘Does the first reply then also apply to [this] present letter?’  the Rebbe nodded his head in the affirmative.”


    This article was originally published in the expanded edition of the “Moshiach Weekly” magazine


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