Winners of ULY Chinese Auction




    Chalukas Shas 5784

    Winners of ULY Chinese Auction

    Winners of ULY Chinese Auction. Included is the “Split The Pot”, the $65 Winners, $50, $40, $35, $25, $20, $15, $10 and $5 Full List Of Winners

    Split The Pot – Sarah Faigy Landy

    $5,000 Gift Certificate to L. Laine Jewelers – Mendy Chein

    $5,000 Gift Certificate to Everything But the Baby – Chana Charitonov

    Four Tickets to Eretz Yisroel – Chana Charitonov

    A Wig by Binah Wigs – Chani Perlstein

    Sterling Silver Italian Handcrafted Candelabra – Miriam Askin

    The Complete Artscroll Shas – Tzipora Simpson

    Kosher Mountain Retreat – Sarah Best

    A $2,500 Gift Certificate to Mink Jewelers – Laminbaum

    Beautiful Table Setting – Gila Lipsker

    Louis Vuitton – Ya’el

    Bar Mitzvah Package – Avi & Rivka Keller

    Barber Jewlers – Esty Lowenbaum

    Lullaby Baby – Esty Lowenbaum

    Mendelowitz Art – Yitz Goldberg

    $1,800 Amex Card – Shterny A.

    $1,800 Gift Certificate to Everything But the Baby – Jackpot

    Dell or Apple Laptop – Levi (580 Crown St.)

    Diva Wig – Sruly K.

    Megilla – Chana Silberstein

    ‘Loyal Doves’ By Michoel Muchnik – Aron C.

    Bella Wig – Shterny A.

    Sterling Silver Washing Cup A Watch by Raymond Weil – E. Shmueli

    Canon Powershot Digital Camera and Photo Printer – Nochum Labkowski

    $1,000 Gift Certificate to Elegant Linen – Nechama Hackner

    $1,000 Gift Certificate to A&B Drimmers Two Flights to Anywhere in the States – Dina Kuperman

    Deluxe Twin Matresses – L. Yunik

    $1,000 Gift – Esty Yarmush

    Meam Loez Set – Newbort

    Jewel Wig – Chani Chanin

    $770 Amex Card – Faigy Andruizer

    Miele Vacuum – Chana Malochovsky

    Zegna Kapota by Sartoria Sacho – Yackov Kessler

    iPad Air 2 – Hulio Burger

    Rebbe Portrait by Shmuel Goldstein – Ilana Maronovsky

    A Wig by Hodaya Wigs – Rochel Bregman

    Meir Pliskin Photography – Chaya Morris

    The Entire Rabbi Goldstein CD Collection – Chanie Barber

    Canon DSLR Camera – BCT

    $500 Gift Certificate to Saks, Bloomingdales or Nordstrom – Sherfman

    Sterling Silver Becher Set – Rita Katz

    JAP Wig – Aron C.

    Dina Duchan Newborn Photography – Esty Feldman

    $500 Gift Certificate to ToysRUs, FAO Shwartz or American Girl – Levi Shuchat

    Lithograph of the Rebbe by Brushstrokes by Estee – Mendy Chein

    iPad Mini – Nechama Pruss

    $500 Gift Certificate to Little People – Chaim Aba & Tzipora Vail

    Rachel Fellig Photo Shoot – Endy Simpson

    Flowers by Mimulo –  Miriam Brucher

    Bosch Mixer – Leah & Boruch

    Stay and Dine in NYC – S. M. Logman

    Gold Ring – Leah Lipshyz

    Sony Playstation 4 – Alex & Chana Mizrachi

    Calvin Klein Mens Watch – Shmuel Dovid Israel

    KitchenAid Artisan 5QT Stand Mixer – Levi Israel

    Papergoods! – Rochel Kaplan

    Weber Grill – Leah (From Empire)

    Nespresso VertuoLine – Kessler

    Infinity Speaker – Ezriel Rappaport

    Artscroll Children’s Book Collection – Arlina Friedman

    $300 Gift Certificate to Le Nappe Linen – Menachem Andruizai

    $275 Gift Certificate to Stitch It – Shterny Raskin

    Kosher Cookbook Collection – Nochum Labkowski

    Tell Me The Story of the Parsha Set – Ariella Kohen

    The Big and Little Midrash Says – Chaim Aba & Tzipora Vail

    Prestige Embroidery – Dovid Hech

    Le Creuset Dutch Oven – Malky Yomtov

    Mitzvah Kinder Collection – S. Mochkin

    Lego Collection – Levi Boaz

    $250 Gift Certificate to TuBelle – Shany Posner

    Mamaroo Rocker – Kutler

    $250 Gift Certificate to – Chaim Aba & Tzipora Vail

    Beats Headphones – Yehoshua and mother

    $180 Art Café Voucher plus Your Own Apron – Yehoshua and mother

    Childrens 14k Gold Jewelry by Little Jewels – Nechama Dina Raskin

    iPod Touch – Chana Borochov

    $200 Gift Certificate to Target – Tuby Braufman

    Flatwear for 12 – Nochum Labkowski

    Primo Hat – Chaim Backman

    Kindle Paperwhite 6″ – Motty Lipshyz

    Avraham Fried CD Collection – Shterny Raskin

    Legoland Passes and $100 at Lego Store – Schmukler

    Little Feet – Shterna Teichman

    WelcomeHome Gift Certificate – Esther Goldstein

    $200 Gift Certificate to Teva Drugs – Chana Shlush

    $200 Gift Certificate to Kahans – M. G.

    Amazing Board Games Plus! – Alexander

    The Mitzvah Boulevard DVD Collection – Ezriel Rappaport

    Tallis – Mendy

    Gutnick Chumashim – Levi Shanowitz

    $200 Gift Certificate to Amazon – Mussya S.

    Magnatiles – Holtzberg

    Playmobil Collection – Bella Kahana

    One Year Pass to Mikvah Meir – Betzalel G.

    Mindware Q-BA-Maze 2.0 – Elky Nathan

    Collectors Edition Muchnik Classics – Elky Nathan

    Drizzle Whip – Levi Israel


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