• Non-Tznius Clothing? Who Is To Blame?

    “There are women in […] who go without a head covering, and some who consider marrying a bearded Bochur as the biggest issue” ● “How great is the darkness that one of the parents writes to me, that the reason for this is – because they hold of Pnimiyus and not Chitzoniyus'” ● “Truth be told, that the only reason I see for the fierce opposition to studying in Beis Yaakov is the lack of willingness to accept their dress codes, etc.” ● A sharp letter from the Rebbe decrying the sorry state of Tznius

    In a letter dated 14th of Cheshvan 5716, the Rebbe writes to Rabbi Shneur Zalman Garelik OBM, Chief Rabbi of Kfar Chabad, regarding the creation of Beis Rivkah in Kfar Chabad. During those years, the girls would study in a religious school nearby which was not Hareidi, and the results were seen in Kfar Chabad. In his letter the Rebbe decries the delay in opening a school, discusses the sorry situation and writes (Emphasis added):

    … With regards to the present time, it is for the benefit of the girls that -as soon as possible- they should begin studying in Beis Yaakov schools in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak or Tel Aviv, despite all the qualms you mention in your letter. Although it is possible that the school the girls currently attend is good, you surely know the words of the Rebbe Maharash ‘If good is good, is better not better?!”

    And at the current situation it is mandatory that the girls should receive the best possible education, and maybe there is a chance [for imporvement]; for whomever looks at the current situation with clear vision, sees the negative changes that took place recently. For example, there are women in Kfar Chabad who go without a head covering, and some who consider marrying a bearded Bochur as the biggest issue (not to mention the hanging out, which I hear has recently stopped), etc. etc.

    And those that claim, that since I don’t write anything about it, it means that I agree with it – is not connected to reality, and has no basis in human intellect. Although in the old country [Russia] there was a certain Kelipah and the way of behaving and combating that Kelipah was in a certain way, today in your place the Nisyonos are completely different, and -in a certain sense- greater… Truth be told, that the only reason I see for the fierce opposition to studying in Beis Yaakov is the lack of willingness to accept their dress codes, etc. And probably the mothers are more at fault than their daughters. How great is the darkness that one of the parents writes to me, that the reason for this is – because they hold of Pnimiyus and not Chitzoniyus. And he wants to convince me that the reason for refusing to go to Beis Yaakov is because “the girls are so Pnimiyus’dik that they can’t handle Chitzoniyus!”

    Now you can understand my surprise upon reading your letter in which you state that the reason girls refuse to go to Beis Yaakov in Bnei Brak is because there is a club nearby, and it is close by to the Ponovezh Yeshiva. Do you really believe that this is the reason why the girls refuse to go to Beis Yaakov?!



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    1. The situation is so bad in the inyan of tzniyos. I have seen a few times woman with a head cover the husband hat and jacket ,and the wife wearing pajamas which just covers the buttocks . This is disgusting and disgrace to the out side people. Why are they selfish and self centered? Does young bocherim ,and children need to be expose to this? There is a total of lack of self respect on the part of the woman ,and it seems either the husband likes the way his wife dresses or she simply has no say .Any woman or girl thinks by like dressing like this is simply no different than guys,and girls in a club .
      Its ugly disgusting ,and only leads to serious problems ,
      The rabonim ,mashipim need to come out in the open and condemn this troches dispicable slut behavior

    2. Very simple. This community of religious Jews was strenghtened and supported by Halachic Jews. Prior, there were very many (LeHavdil) Conservative thinkers, Chassidic and Orthodox Jews also dwelt here. If a Jew does not want to honor our two great ‘Rebbes’ then move out. Very simple. If you don’t want to move out…all you obstinate parents shouldn’t be upset when your kids are ‘chutzpadic’ towards you. You’re getting paid back….’Mida KeNegid Mida.’

    3. unfortunately many people nowadays try to warp the Rebbe unto what their disires. the Rebbe has tens of talks to women where he speaks clearly about tznius and openly says in his talks (yes, just like our friends in boro-park..) that the yetzer hora comes to a jewish girl and tells her “don’t worry, it’s not a big deal if you wear a skirt that is a bit shorter” i think even that every summer in his talk to the women the rebbe mentions tznius, and yet the general assumption is that the Rebbe doesn’t really care how the girls dress, what about pnimius etc.
      kol hakavod to for being open with the Rebbe’s holy words even if the community isn’t too open to hear it.
      it’s about time we opened the Rebbe’s books and let the Rebbe teach US how to act and not us teach him what to tell us.

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