Two-State Nightmare Is Dead




    Two-State Nightmare Is Dead

    It was shocking when it first appeared. It had fatal consequences when it remained. It had calamitous potential on a national level. The so-called Two State proposal was the most racist, venomous idea of the last generation. Written by Rabbi Fishel Jacobs • Full Article

    Written by Rabbi Fishel Jacobs

    It was shocking when it first appeared. It had fatal consequences when it remained. It had calamitous potential on a national level.

    The so-called Two State proposal was the most racist, venomous idea of the last generation.

    For years it was kept alive by artificial respiration, in the minds of its proponents. Now, with President-elect Trump’s victory, it’s finally dead. No one will be saying kaddish.

    In the annals of the history of nations, there has never been a more insulting, degrading nor arrogant suggestion than the Two State solution.  Imagine it anywhere else in the world. At one time it could have been Britain, Italy, the US.  Let’s let our imagination flow, briefly. Let’s call it OurLand.

    OurLand is inhabited and governed by People. A minority, OtherPeople, live in a couple of peripheral areas.

    People have always tried to help OtherPeople. They help them financially, supporting their villages and towns. People freely allow OtherPeople to give birth and afford medical assistance in their hospitals. For decades, the elected representatives of People extend hands of peace and brotherhood to OtherPeople.

    OtherPeople hate People. OtherPeople seem to hate themselves, as well. For generations, OtherPeople have invested all the unprecedentedly large amounts of money they received from nations outside OurLand to attack and kill tens of thousands of People’s civilians.

    OtherPeople have charters. These do not recognize the People’s right to live or breathe in OurLand. Their charters call for the murder of all People. They are proud of these charters and post them online, preach them in their houses of worship, and act on them pursuing attacks on People.

    The more that People call for harmony and co-existence, the more OtherPeople hate them. OtherPeople raise their children to be martyrs to murder People.

    It’s a hatred no one can explain. But, it’s fact.

    Then, someone, we’ll call WannaBeSeer makes a suggestion. “Let’s forcibly remove whole communities of People who live near OtherPeople.”

    It’s a long bet, odds are slim. But, the logic is something like this, “OtherPeople hate People. They say they want all People dead. In fact, two generations of OtherPeople have dedicated their lives to achieving that goal. Many People, elderly, women, some pregnant, children have been viciously murdered by OtherPeople.”

    “But!” says WannaBeSeer, “There’s one thing we never tried. Let’s shock everybody! We, People, will forcibly, violently use our own army to vacate whole swaths of communities of our own People. That will shock the hell out of everybody! No one expected that! And, though we’ll ruin the lives of all those People, steal their homes, destroy their businesses. That’s good. The more shock the better. Maybe that will shock OtherPeople into wanting to make peace, or at least let us live in peace.”

    The idea became a holocaust. Lives of People were literally destroyed. The resolve, the thirst for blood, of OtherPeople became stronger to kill more and more People. They continued.

    People scratched their head. Peace loving, educated, People cannot imagine why OtherPeople are so hateful. But they are.

    Time passes. An idea gets floated around the media. They give it a nice name. It’s a great name. And, as great as the name is, it is even more horrific. That’s what’s great about names. You can put a sweet name on the most abhorrent thing, and it seems nice.

    Two State Solution.

    It’s unobtrusive. Almost inviting.

    Two is a graspable number. It doesn’t push you off. It’s not like eight and three quarters. “Two.”  It’s three letters, one syllable. “Two” flows gently from the lips.

    State. Well, that doesn’t raise any flags. What’s a State? Wisconsin is a state. No one is afraid of Wisconsin. A State is not like a country. After all, Israel isn’t a country. It’s only a State. So, we’ll give the Arabs a State. That sounds fair and reasonable.

    Solution. That’s something you can’t disagree with. Solution seems to rhyme with resolution, to resolve. To resolve things is refined. Heck, some solutions are even medically good, like the one you use to clean your contact lenses.

    “Great!” said the folks, when they handed over the check to the Madison Avenue spin office. “We love the name!”

    Really, it was a great name. Except, like all huge lies it hid one hidden insidious truth.

    OtherPeople still hate People. OtherPeople still openly express their intentions to kill all People. OtherPeople are so full of hatred, some would call self-hatred, otherwise how could so much hatred come from one group, they do not accept the Two State Solution.

    For them, Two States are too many. OtherPeople still try daily to kill as many People as they can.

    Finally, along comes a truly bright leader. He’s grown through lots of hard knocks in life. He is a determined and focused manager. He takes sides. He looks at right and wrong. He looks at the situation in the world at large. He sees OtherPeople are part of a huger problem threatening his own country and civilized society.

    He knows that People are moral, ethical enlightened. People are also true friends to his own country.

    Finally, this commander says, “The way to fight evil is not by placation. You fight evil by facing up to it and defeating it.”

    We’ll call him Donald. And may G-d continue to give him strength.


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