The Truth About Op-Eds




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    The Truth About Op-Eds

    Recently, an article was published on Chabad news websites protesting summer camps. This is just one of many op-eds, published daily, with a rather harsh and negative tone • Full Article

    Recently, an article was published on Chabad news websites protesting summer camps. This is just one of many op-eds, published daily, with a rather harsh and negative tone.

    I admit that I too have penned negative articles. To tell you the truth, I generally enjoy these articles, because they are essential to problem solving. After all, the only way to solve a problem is to point it out. Without doing that, no problems will ever be solved.

    That being said, there is a problem I see all too often with these articles. The author will write negatively about something, but will not offer his or her own solutions to the problem. We are left with a sour taste in our mouths.

    If you’re going to point out a problem, why not also propose a solution? That would be the constructive thing to do.

    If you complain about problems with summer camps, is the solution to shut down all the summer camps? Or, perhaps, we can work together to solve whatever problems there are and improve the summer camps? If you have problems with any kind of organization, is the solution to close down the organization? Or perhaps it would be more constructive to solve the problems and improve the organization?

    What if you have problems with a particular community? Should the entire community be shut down? Or perhaps you can offer positive ideas on how to improve the community?

    It is never constructive to suggest that we just shut down everything. It is the ultimate negative approach. The way of the Rebbe is always positive.

    When we write negative articles, let us transform them into positive articles, by proposing viable solutions, and make things the best they can be, be’ezras Hashem!


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    1. JustSaying

      I think the author of the negetive-towards-camp article took for granted and presupposed that the alternative to sending our children off to camp for two months was so obvious as not to even be considered a “solution”, but merely a natural and spontaneous fall back – the default place our children should be – Cheder.

      “Camp” is a novel and unorthodox idea and approach that must be justified for its continued existence. If it doesn’t provide ample benefit – at least more than the potential and actual harm – than it has no business assuming the care of our most precious and cherished possessions, namely, our children.

    2. Zev

      We pay double and triple if not more for 2 months summer camps compared what we pay for 2 months of tuition.
      So here is the constructive solution:
      – We pay the money, but the entire yeshiva, with the Rebbis, principals, etc moves to the country and continues full-time learning for 2 months.
      – All the extra activities could be done during recess and after school.
      – The “Big Trips” such as Six Flags etc.. are unnecessary and possess no educational, religious etc. value since they are teaching wild behavior, placing our children in a goyshe environment with goyishe children etc, etc.
      – Activities should enhance understanding of Gemoro, Mishnayos, Chassidus – such as farm trips, learing about 39 melochois, seeing Hashem’s Brias HoOilom, etc.

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