• “Let’s Start Celebrating” by Rabbi Schapiro

    Read a piece on the Chassidus titled “Let’s Start Celebrating” written by Rabbi Sholom Schapiro, the Shliach of the NY Torah Center on 5th Avenue in Manhattan • Full Story

    Read a piece on the Chassidus titled “Let’s Start Celebrating” written by Rabbi Sholom Schapiro, the Shliach of the NY Torah Center on 5th Avenue in Manhattan.


    As the Jewish nation approached the Red Sea with the Egyptian army in hot pursuit, G-d split the sea, allowing the Jews to cross safely. When the Egyptians followed them, the waters returned to normal, drowning all of the Egyptians. Upon witnessing this unprecedented miracle, the Jews sang the famous Song of the Sea, which is said until today in our daily prayers. After Moses led the men in praise of G-d, Miriam, Moses’s sister led the women in their own Song of the Sea.

    Our sages tell us that the song sung by the women was greater than the song of the men, since they accompanied their song with musical instruments. This shows us that the women of that generation had tremendous faith in G-d. They were confident that G-d would perform miracles, to the extent that they took tambourines out of Egypt to praise G-d with. Because of their strong faith, the women planned the celebration before the victory. The Jewish nation merited the redemption because of the faith of the women.

    The Shaloh, Rabbi Yeshaya Horowitz, connects this concept to the future redemption.The Talmud states that G-d wished for King Chizkiyahu, who reigned during the time of the first temple, to be Moshiach. The Angel of Judgement objected, saying that King Chizkiyahu had not thanked G-d with song when he was saved from the army of Sancherev.

    The Shaloh points out that Chizkiyahu did in fact praise G-d for the miracles performed for him. Why, then, was he disqualified from being Moshiach?

    He explains that Chizkiyahu only praised G-d after the miracle occurred, but he did not praise G-d before the miracles took place. True faith is to believe in the miracle before it even occurs. He lacked the strong faith displayed by the women at the time of the Exodus, and thus was disqualified from being Moshiach.

    The lesson for us is to develop trust in G-d, so that we are confident that He will grant us revealed goodness in our own lives. We must also show gratitude for G-d’s miracles that we see in our lives, and publicize these miracles. What is more, when our faith is strong, we thank G-d even before the miracle occurs.

    This is true regarding Moshiach’s imminent arrival. Because we truly believe that Moshiach is near, we must celebrate the redemption before it even arrives.

    Shabbat Shalom.

    Dedicated L’iluy Nishmat:
    Yosef Aryeh Ben Avraham Yitzchak Z”L

    Rabbi Sholom Schapiro
    393 Fifth Avenue, Ground Floor
    New York, NY 10016
    “Let’s welcome Moshiach with acts of goodness and kindness”
    – The Rebbe



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