Is Shlichus Coming To An End?




    Chalukas Shas 5784

    Is Shlichus Coming To An End?

    The premise of the article is that today, most yungeleit are not going on Shlichus and therefore, we should change the way we educate the bochurim and put more of a focus on the value of being a chassidisher baalebus • Full Article

    Written by a Shliach who wishes to remain anonymous

    Over the past few days, there has been an op-ed on one of the Chabad websites in which the author discusses an article written in the Nshei Magazine regarding shlichus. The premise of the article is that today, most yungeleit are not going on Shlichus and therefore, we should change the way we educate the bochurim and put more of a focus on the value of being a chassidisher baalebus.

    I do not wish to go into the issue of how we should educate bochurim, but, I take strong issue with the notion of making peace with the fact that most yungeleit today will not go on shlichus.

    The reason that most yungeleit are not going on shlichus is not because there is any lack of the need for shlichus, or as in the times of the Frierdiker Rebbe, you might get locked up for doing shlichus, rather as the author himself says, because yungeleit cannot find shluchim who will bring them on shlichus.

    Is that a justifiable reason not to go on Shlichus?

    We all know that the inyan of hafatzah is a thread that goes through all the Rebbe’s sichos of all the years starting from the Rebbe’s first maamar.  The Rebbe once said by a Farbrengen that nobody is a baalebus on hafatzah and no one can stop anyone else from doing hafatzah (Tof Shin Dalet Mem).

    It is true that the Rebbe supported what we call the “Chabad System” (although there were numerous cases where he told people not to work in the framework of the system), however, before Gimmul Tammuz, generally speaking everyone was able to find a shlichus and the system was meant to maximize the work of Lubavitch.  Unfortunately, this is not the case anymore.

    I would like to conclude that I am not suggesting that people go and step on the toes of existing shluchim, I personally believe that before going on Shlichus, one has to check with his mashpia/Rov that there is no hasagas gvul etc.

    May we all merit to fulfill the Rebbe’s ratzon and bring about the full hisgalus of the Rebbe now mamush!


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    1. You don't make any sense

      Its like telling a new couple that gets married that they have to ask their Tov mashpia their mentor if they should have any children everyone has to do according to the code of Jewish law and that means you have to go out with self sacrifice in whatever area you are professionally trained and prepare the world to greet Moshiach if anyone has problems with that they need to see a doctor or a psychiatrist to develop their self-esteem the bottom line is to do what you can to be a living example and teach the world the truth which is God his Torah and his people and that is shlichus every one has the right to hang the words Chabad house even if they live next door to someone that has the same Chabad house just like they can have children and you can have children.

    2. Raanan

      The reality is, (responding to what you write which isn’t so terrible really) that one has to be more creative about finding shlichus. Not to sit back and think you are G-ds gift to the world (okay, maybe you are, but so what). The world has not changed after Gimmel Tammuz in that, you have to get out there and get yourself invited to friends who are shluchim.

      Job searching by Facebook just makes it easier to dump you and your resume in the garbage can before ever having experienced your greatness and talents.

      Why tell a shaliach outright: “I am coming to see if you want me to work for you!” Then the poor guy has nightmares that you are coming to be a mushroom or take over the place or who knows what?? Then you give the guy a heart attack and what have you accomplished?

      Farkert! Tell them you are looking for opportunities where you and your wife can get out do shlichus for shabbos.

      Go- No pressure on them to hire you. No pressure on you (from your wife) that this is an interview. Have fun. Learn. Daven like a Jew. Make friends and help your friend in his shlichus doing whatever they need.

      Go a number of times and perhaps the idea of having you work for them will occur. Perhaps it won’t but you are still doing shlichus. You are out there in the field doing the Rebbe’s inyanim.

      Don’t put your eggs in just one basket. Go to a number of friends like this and something will certainly come out of it. Pretend you and your wife are hidden tzadikim from the Baal Shem Tov going around doing secret good deeds! I’m telling you- The opportunities are endless-

      If nothing else, your wife will love you for the great time you are both having-
      There are many other creative ideas about how to worm your way into a shaliach’s heart (and area) and really be part of his team which is what he needs. In this way you will see a niche you can fit into, please G-d.
      Raanan (I’m the guy above)

    3. Crown Heights Resident

      TEAM stands for Together We Achieve More
      All of Chabad should work together for the Rebbe’s Shlichus

    4. Not every chabadnik on shlichus wants team members

      Not every chabadnik on shlichus wants team members. They want FUNDERS, not team members.

    5. Excellent Article!

      Wow, what a well written article and most necessary article! It’s about time that we face the current situation in Lubavitch and realize that unfortunately, some “Chabad systems”, as the author termed it, aren’t running as they were set into place. As Chassidim, we need to stay steadfast to fulfilling the Horoas of the Rebbe regardless. Obviously, one should avoid “stepping on another Shliach’s toes” and look to settle in one of the numerous cities out there without a Shliach actively involved. I completely agree that of course, just as one ALWAYS should consult with their Mashpia before choosing a place of Shlichus, one MUST do the same in this case.
      Kol Hakavod to the Shliach who had the guts to speak out and Hatzlacha Raba to all those looking to go the Rebbe’s Shlichus. Moshiach now!

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