IDF Soldier Pens Letter: “Dear World”



    IDF Soldier Pens Letter: “Dear World”

    An IDF Golani Sharpshooter and Combat Medic, Chaim R, Penned an impassioned letter addressed to the entire world. “These new age Anti-Semites wearing suits and ties, are being invited to speak at universities rather than being tried for crimes against humanity…” • Read Letter

    Dear World,

    Sorry to disturb you in the middle of your very important sports events and celebrity reality shows, but please take a moment to answer a few questions regarding your blatant Anti-Semitic and double standard approach to Israel.

    Please explain to me how any person in 2015 can condemn Israel, the ONLY free democratic state in a region of close to two dozen Muslim countries, who hang people from cranes and sell eight year old girls as brides to middle age men, all the while screaming ‘Death to America’ and ‘Itbah AL-Yahud!’ (Slaughter the Jews)!

    Please explain to me why Israel is condemned by the International community every time it defends itself against ruthless attacks on its citizens? Why is the Obama Administration, among many other governments, claiming the use of ‘disproportionate response’ when a 13 year old boy and 70 year old woman are viciously stabbed in Jerusalem, the Capital?

    Please explain to me why millions of anti-Semites posing as intellectuals and liberals can promote and support the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement, standing side by side with people who, if G-d Forbid had their way, would murder every single Jew living in Israel (and the rest of the world)? They would proudly establish a state built on the foundation of cold blooded murder, intolerance and hate of anyone who would dare oppose them. Yet these new age Anti-Semites wearing suits and ties, are being invited to speak at universities rather than being tried for crimes against humanity for aligning themselves with those who openly call for the extermination of the 6 Million+ Jews living in their Homeland, Israel.

    Please explain to me how a person, any person, can still allow themselves to believe the outright lie that Israel is responsible for the terror and violence? In our day and age, with just a few clicks of a mouse it is possible to uncover the truth about the Arab leaders who incite violence on a daily basis, to listen first hand to the ‘Spiritual Leaders’ preaching to mass crowds to pick up knives and stab a Jew for the sake of Al-Quds (the Holy one – Jerusalem).

    Please explain to me how instead of recognizing Islam for the violent, hate-mongering oppressive religion that it is, the world has instead shifted to adapt a new policy of embracing Islam, the so called ‘Religion of Peace’?  The blood of the victims of 9/11, the London Tube bombing, the Moscow Theater hostage crisis, the Madrid train bombing and the Boston marathon attack is still fresh in our minds! Unfortunately it doesn’t end there. The list goes on and on with the official numbers being estimated at 500+ major attacks by Muslims since the 1980’s on every continent, claiming the lives of more than 33,000 innocent souls since 2006 alone! These numbers don’t even touch on the fact that Muslims have killed an estimated 11 Million of their own Muslim brothers since 1948 alone!

    I honestly believe that anyone who still harbors any opinion other than ‘Muslims kill Jews only because they are Jews’ is a good old fashioned Anti-Semite!

    The violence happening now in Israel is no different than the violence of the 1920’s and 30’s when Arabs (who hadn’t yet manufactured the fictitious term ‘Palestinians’) were stabbing, shooting and murdering hundreds of Jews all across the British mandate of Palestine. What were they protesting then? Was it perhaps the 1967 borders? Or perhaps it was the founding of the Jewish state by David Ben-Gurion in 1948?

    The Arabs outright rejected an Arab state which was offered by the UN’s proposed Partition Plan of 1947, the same plan which was accepted by the Jews. This state would have been much larger than the current ‘West Bank and Gaza territories’. All they had to do was recognize the right of the Jewish people to their own state in their own land, but they flat out refused and instead opted to start a war with the brand new tiny Jewish state. When Israel miraculously won that war in 1948 and Jordan occupied the Old City of Jerusalem and the ‘West Bank’ there was not a single cry for a ‘Palestinian’ state.

    In 1967, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon supported by Algeria, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Tunisia amassed a joint Arab army of almost 300,000 and for weeks were publically chanting on television for the whole world to see that they were going to ‘Push the Jews into the Sea’.  Again, against all odds, and against US political orders from President Lyndon B Johnson NOT to attack first and to obtain crucial air control, the tiny country only nineteen years old, beat back and decimated the much larger Arab forces in only six days in spite of US backed embargoes on shipments of weapons to Israel.

    So please explain to me why the Jewish people are constantly being attacked by ruthless enemies who spend all of their waking hours planning and perpetrating new, twisted ways of killing us? In fear of an anticipated massacre, the Arabs fled our land. We foolishly invited the Arabs back only to train, educate and employ them often over Jews in critical positions such as doctors in our hospitals and teachers in our schools. The Jewish State of Israel gives the Arabs financial support, far exceeding the funds given to poverty stricken Jews. Not only are we being attacked by these ungrateful scums, but also by those calling themselves evolved liberal thinkers.

    Please explain to me how any human being with even the slightest shred of moral fiber can side with those raised in the cradle of hate?

    Please explain to me how any human being can side with those who authentically believe that shooting of babies while lying in their stroller, like 10 month old Shalhevet Pass may God avenge her blood is a righteous act?

    Please explain to me dear world why you hate us Jews so much? Have we not been afflicted by enough murder, pillage, crusades, pogroms, blood libels, inquisitions and Holocausts?

    We do not ask for your assistance in dealing with this terror and we do not seek your pity!

    We demand for you to STOP justifying false claims by this FAKE people.

    Please take a step back and let us handle these Savages who preemptively blow themselves up as suicide bombers in pizzerias and on buses, all in the name of ‘Allah’. These snake-like deceptive parasites will enjoy your support while laughing at your ignorance, because they are just waiting for the opportunity to kill all ‘Infidels’ including you, your family, city and country.

    For the record, the people you are supporting with this BDS nonsense are the same exact people who following the horrific killing of 2,977 innocent Americans on that bloody day in September, were handing out candies in the streets of Gaza celebrating the death and destruction you seem to have forgotten about long ago.

    I write this with a heavy heart, as not seventy years have passed since the world watched on as Six Million of my people were slaughtered in the Gas Chambers of the Holocaust. Now I sit in Jerusalem and all around me are heavily armed IDF soldiers and empty streets. The soldiers are patrolling the capital searching out the next ‘Shahid’ (Martyr – Scum) looking to stab another innocent child or blow themselves up in the middle of a packed market place.

    With the deepest desire for peace, I say IF YOU WANT PEACE PREPARE FOR WAR.


    Chaim R

    An IDF Golani Sharpshooter and Combat Medic.


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    1. Buddy Macy

      No comment is necessary; Chaim has stated the truth – the reality – perfectly!

    2. Realist

      the rebbe always quoted the rashi. “it is a halacha that esav hates yaakov” this is the reality of the torah while we’re in Galus

    3. hatomim

      without chassidus your heart controls your mind and you get swept up by all these liberal fantasies. logic just doesn’t talk to these people

    4. anon

      wow! so powerful

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