“Canada, Real Peace”




    “Canada, Real Peace”

    Rabbi Yirmi Cohen of Thornhill, Ontario, released a statement that includes concrete measures and proposals, in response to a recent Government of Canada’s statement regarding Eretz Yisroel • Full Article

    I commend the Govt. of Canada for helping the refugees from Syria, away from the murder & violence there, to make their home here.

    As far as peace in the Middle East, where Canada is trying to play a more active role, I am saddened with Canada’s reaction to the daily stabbings & terror in central Jerusalem & in Israel. I believe that Canada can influence the area.

    If Canada is serious about Peace between Israel & the Palestinians, I’d suggest they demand that the incitement & violence coming from the Palestinian Leadership to stop.

    That schools stop teaching little kids to hate. The Millions of dollars Canada gives, should be contingent on a zero tolerance for violence & incitement.

    Canada should demand a stop to the Palestinian Leadership paying steady salaries to the murderers of Israeli civilians!

    Israel tried the 2 state solution by giving away Gaza, and instead of peace, they get tens of thousands of rockets on them.

    There cannot be any solution and negotiations, when there is incitement and murdering of Israelis. In fact, by pushing “Peace” you are just encouraging more violence, because it pays off. And to blame it on “settlements” is unfair and just not true! The Palestinian leadership has not accepted the existence of Israel anywhere. The only solution, is for Israel to be strong and Canada should help Israel be strong. That will benefit Arabs and Israelis. Let’s stop being politically correct, but stand up for the truth.

    I hope that Canada will stand with Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.

    Canada has much to learn from Israel, in Security, Research, health & technology.


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    1. Go Canada!

      “Through fire and water, Canada will stand with Israel” said Canada’s prime minister – and has kept to that.

    2. Mendel

      Very well said

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    “Canada, Real Peace”