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  • Another Aspect of Hakhel

    The Rebbe’s Horo’ah in conjunction with Shnas Hakhel is that everyone should call together their family, friends or acquaintances, at least once (or more times) during the year, and inspire them with some words of Torah • Full Article

    Written by Nohum S.

    The Rebbe’s Horo’ah in conjunction with Shnas Hakhel is that everyone should call together their family, friends or acquaintances, at least once (or more times) during the year, and inspire them with some words of Torah.

    The purpose of this Hakhel gathering could be understood, simply, as a way to unite all participants in a Hakhel event.

    But the question then arises: can’t this unity be accomplished just as well just by being a participant?  Why did the Rebbe ask that everyone become also a leader, the one calling and speaking at an event?

    Perhaps the following explanation could be offered: the purpose of the Hakhel event is to also bring out the unique quality that lays within each and every person, regardless who they are.

    We may all have heard a lot of talk about the importance and uniqueness of the individual. However, the Rebbe here has taken it one step further. Here the Rebbe has actually brought out how it’s up to each individual to come to recognize that they have unique qualities, and that also it’s up to them to find how to impart and share these unique qualities with all those around them. [And similarly, it’s important for all those around them to come to recognize and benefit from the unique qualities of this individual].

    Therefore, once in seven years, everyone is encouraged by the Torah to act as leader in their own crowd – by arranging a Hakhel event and speaking words of Torah to all the participants.

    In other words: just as the Torah requires that once in seven years the king must impart from his unique qualities of Malchus and Yiras Shomaim to all Klal Yisroel by reading the Torah to them, similarly the Rebbe directs each and every person to recognize – and also become recognized for – their unique persona and qualities (i.e. their unique Nekudas Hamlchus), and therefore it’s asked that each and every one should create a Hakhel event where they will give and share from their unique persona and qualities to all those around them.


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