Morristown Yeshiva’s Future




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    Morristown Yeshiva’s Future

    Rabbi Moshe Herson sent out an Email about the future of his mosdos in Morristown, NJ • Full Letter


    27 Adar, 5775 March 18, 2015

    FROM – Rabbi Moshe Herson
    TO – Past and present parents and students, Sheyichyu

    Substantial changes and improvements are already being implemented in the Morristown mosdos. Rabbi Mendy Herson will assist his father, Rabbi Moshe in the implementation of major programs and staff shifts.

    Rabbi Mendy will substantially focus his daily attention to the personal needs of the students. This will start with Tomchei Temimim and Smicha and later expand to Tiferes Bachurim.

    We are pleased to advise you that: Rabbi Chaim Schapiro has been appointed Menahel to head the entire Tomchei Temimim program for the school year 2015/16, starting ASAP. He shall continue as Menahel of Smicha.

    Student applications for entrance to Tomchei Temimim will immediately be directed to Rabbi Schapiro for his review, even before Pesach.

    At a staff meeting on the eve of 27 Adar, every staff member of TT pledged full compliance and full cooperation to Rabbi Schapiro, the new program Menahel for the sake of the Rebbe’s institution.

    Rabbi Aharon Gancz will be transferred to assist Rabbi Schapiro in the day-to-day successful leadership of the Smicha class. Rabbi Gancz will also lead the Part-Time Halacha Program to selected TT Talmidim.

    Bez’h, starting Elul, the Smicha Class will be consisted of Rabbis: Chaim Schapiro (menahel, magid shiur, meishiv), Avrohom Levin and Aharon Gancz (meishivim).

    Rabbi Elimelech Zwiebel Will undertake new needed responsibilities and shall continue as Head Mashpiah.

    Further staffing changes and additions will be announced in due time.

    Interested parents and students may turn to our office for applications to Tomchei Temimim as well as to the Smicha class.

    Tiferes bochurim – new direction program staff will continue its increasingly successful program. Innovations and further improvements in Tiferes bochurim will be announced before or immediately after Pesach.

    Please continue your moral and financial support to enable the RCA to immediately transfer our positive “dreams” into “reality”.

    The chinuch of our children must be the priority of the entire Chabad Community. Parents, students, administration and faculty must constantly work together in the vigil of our children. Concerned parents must become more involved. I plead to you with respect – do not abdicate the chinuch details of our children.

    May we turn 27 Adar into a day of constructive, positive steps.

    Warmest regards and best wishes for a chag kosher v’someach in all aspects of your life.

    Sincerely, Rabbi Mosher Herson, Dean


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