At Emergency Landing, Chabad to the Rescue




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    At Emergency Landing, Chabad to the Rescue

    An EL-AL flight to Los Angeles, CA conducted an emergency landing in Billings, Montana, due to a potential fire in one of the engines. Read what one of the passengers had to say about Chabad’s help during the stopover. Written by flight passenger Hillel Fuld Full Story

    Flight passenger Hillel Fuld was among some 299 passengers stranded in Billings, Mantana, without access to kosher food.

    They were on on board an EL-AL flight from Tel Aviv, Israel, to Los Angelas, CA when the plane experienced engine trouble, forcing them to land in the nearest airport.

    Soon enough, however, he was privileged to meet an unexpected visitor

    Chavie Bruk, Shlucha in Bozman, Montana, a two-hour drive from the airport, graciously appeared to provide kosher food, and spiritual and moral support.

    Hillel took to his Facebook page, where he thanked the Chabad Shlucha for her time, effort and thoughtfulness, and caring for every Jew. The post quickly went viral garnering over 500 ‘Likes’.

    Writes Hillel:

    “Eight hours later, we are still stuck in Billings, Montana and the plane that is supposed to pick us up is on its way from NY but still hours away.

    Everyone here is pretty restless since we aren’t allowed to leave the terminal, which is the size of maybe four average size living rooms. We are hundreds of people.

    Well, this just happened.

    The Chabad Montana representative drove two hours to bring us food. Endless cold cuts, hummus, eggplant, bagels, and much more.

    Two hours here and they have a two hour ride back. Unbelievable.

    This woman along with her beautiful kids put a smile on all our faces and upon her arrival, got quite the round of applause.

    Based on the constant smile on her face, she is happier to be here than we are to have her here.

    Some people are just so remarkable.”




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    At Emergency Landing, Chabad to the Rescue