Chabad House Dinner Aboard Cruise




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    Chabad House Dinner Aboard Cruise

    The 33rd annual dinner and award ceremony of Chabad of South Broward, directed by Rabbi Rafe Tenenhaus took place Sunday night, September 21. Attendees enjoyed a dinner cruise on “The Catalina” ● The fun-filled evening also served as a Sheva Berachos for Mushky (Tennenhaus) and Oren Hizkiya ● Full Story, Pictures

    Article by: Shelley Benveniste / The Jewish Press

    Pictures: Chabad of South Broward Facebook

    The 33rd annual dinner and award ceremony of Congregation Levi Yitzchok-Lubavitch and Chabad of South Broward took place Sunday night, September 21. Attendees enjoyed a dinner cruise on “The Catalina.”

    The fun-filled evening included musical entertainment from an exciting DJ, a multi-talented illusionist, wine tasting by Shimon, a lively sheva berachos and dancing for Mushky (Tennenhaus) and Oren Hizkiya, and a beautiful award ceremony.

    Awardees included Florida Governor Rick Scott (Excellence in Education Award), Paul Sussman (Jerusalem in Florida Award), Rabbi Leibel Miller (Community Chesed Award), and Claudia Moryossef (Eishes Chayil Award).

    Rabbi Dovid Kudan from Chabad Ocean Synagogue read a letter the Lubavitcher Rebbe had written to the tenth annual dinner on the strength and chazakah of three consecutive holy days that start the New Year.

    Rabbi Yossi Lebovics, from Chaya Aydel Seminary led the recitation of Tehillim for all in need, including Tzvi Hirsh Chaim ben Gital, Menachem Mendel ben Shoshana and Elana Leah bas Shaindel Rochel.

    Seminary student Chanale Shapiro, from Melbourne, Australia, gave an eloquent dvar Torah and warmly acknowledged how the students at Chaya Aydel Seminary are welcomed in the Hallandale Beach community and give of their time to community projects and outreach.

    Chabad of South Broward’s Rabbi Raphael Tennenhaus emphasized the completion of the two-building Old Jerusalem Campus and the launching of the Tzvi Hirsh Chaim Bikur Cholim. “The rebbe’s berachah to us when we bought the buildings in 1989 was that we outgrow them. This berachah has materialized and we will soon have to add a second story to our buildings!”

    Rabbi Tennenhaus’s daughter Mushky delivered a charming talk. She said, “For twenty years I’ve asked my father for permission to talk at the annual dinner. He always said I could talk when I got married. So, I got married, Baruch Hashem, and I finally get my chance.”

    Chabad of South Broward has 15 Chabad Houses in ten cities. The headquarters in Hallandale Beach hosts 46 agencies, including the seminary, the main synagogue, three mikvehs for the physically challenged, the Chai Tots Preschool, the Hallandale Hebrew School, a kollel for businessmen and professionals, Project PRIDE, CTeen, The Friendship Circle, Camp Gan Israel, bar and bat mitzvah clubs, and the Women’s Rosh Chodesh Society.


















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    Chabad House Dinner Aboard Cruise