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  • Weekly Moshiach Shiur With Maggidei Shiurim

    A new weekly Moshiach Shiur has been launched with different Maggidei Shiurim every week. The new series Shiurim will feature renowned Mashpiem and Rabbonim who will delve into this very complex topic, discussing the ‘Moshiach era’ from all different angles, allowing viewers to discover the reality of the Messianic dream, anticipate its arrival• Full Story

    It is the purpose of creation, two of the 13 principles in the Jewish faith, and yet it seems so unfamiliar, the coming of Moshiach Is the reason Hashem created the world and is the sole purpose of our existence, and yet most of us haven’t got a clue what a day in the ‘Moshiach era’ will look like.

    Just imagine offering a young child the choice of a hundred-dollar bill or a candy, the child will choose the candy, simply because he doesn’t understand the value money has, Moshiach is the same idea if we don’t know about it, and we don’t understand its values, we might just be like the child choosing the candy, this is one of the reasons the Rebbe instructed us to learn about Moshiach.

    however, it’s not just about knowledge and comprehension what the ‘Moshiach era’ will be like, If you delve a little deeper, says the Rebbe, when one learns about the Geula, the Geula permeates the entire person, he will start speaking in a way befitting the ‘Moshiach era’, will start acting in that vein, and we start to live the way we will when the Geulah will come.

    For example, the Mitzva of Ahavos Yisroel, our sages tell us that the Beis Hamikdosh was destroyed because of reasonless hate, and we must fix that by having unconditional love – Ahavas Yisroel,

    But here too, says the Rebbe, that now standing so close to the Geula we must have unconditional love because that’s the way it will be when Moshiach comes, it’s a pretty simple calculation, we learn about the Geula, we’ll want the Geula, and we’ll act in a way to show Hashem that were ready for it, again here it all starts with learning about the Geula.

    In the Rebbe’s words:

    “Learning Inyonei Geulah Umoshiach doesn’t only affect Moshiach coming in the future, but also helps the learner “live” with Moshiach in the present. When the intellect is permeated with knowledge of Inyonei Geulah Moshiach, it trickles down to the emotions in the heart, and ultimately to one’s thought speech and action, in a way that they reflect the times of being on the threshold of redemption.” (Parshas Balak 5751).

    For this reason, a weekly lecture series is being launched which will tackle one of the most mystifying, mind-boggling, and central topics in Jewish life:

    For many, the idea of peace between all nations, the eradication of war, hunger, strife and all evil is impossible to believe, while for others the dream of the return of the Holy Temple, complete with animal sacrifices, is more aptly described as a nightmare.

    This new weekly lecture series will feature renowned Mashpiem and Rabbonim who will delve into this very complex topic, discussing the ‘Moshiach era’ from all different angles, allowing viewers to discover the reality of the Messianic dream, anticipate its arrival, may it be very soon, Amen.

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