Wednesday Evening: Who Is Moshiach?


    Wednesday Evening: Who Is Moshiach?

    Who will win the election? Should we wear masks all the time? Will there be a safe vaccine? Are we reopening our schools??… These are NOT the topics of our panel B”H. However; please contemplate this: Have we not had enough of constantly putting out fires!?! • Full Story

    Who will win the election?  should we wear masks all the time? will there be a safe vaccine? are we reopening our schools??…. These are NOT the topics of our panel B”H. However; please contemplate:

    …have we not had enough of constantly putting out fires!?! We see pretty much if it’s not one thing, it can be another R”L.  Many ask, “what does Hashem want of us??”

    One thing is clear: Until Moshiach is fully revealed, Hashem clearly wants our input in a STRONG WAY.

    Can it be that Hashem and Moshiach are literally “waiting for the vote of Am Yisroel “?? and if so, how do we “go to the polls” and ‘make our vote count’??

    A very significant part of our Hiskashrus as chassidim is to heed “the Call of the hour”:

    Shabbos Parshas Vayera, 1991, the Rebbe stated that all the work to bring Moshiach is

    done, we are standing ready to accept Moshiach; now we have not only the

    existence of Moshiach but also the revelation of Moshiach. We need only accept

    him in actuality.

    The following week, on Shabbos Chayei Sara, the Rebbe added:

    “Moshiach has already fulfilled the criterion established by Maimonides of successfully fighting G-d’s wars. All missions have been accomplished. The only thing left is to accept Moshiach in actuality. This will enable him to fulfill his mission and take us out of exile.

    Everyone must infuse all he does with acceptance of Moshiach. We must explain

    the concepts of Redemption so everyone can accept him.”

    True, this takes going out of our comfort zone. But we are accustomed as chassidim to not only do that which is comfortable. It behooves us NOW more than EVER, on behalf of so many of our dear brothers and sisters who are suffering RL each moment of golus that ticks by, and ‘shchinta b’golusa’….to do something more bold than what we have until now…we cannot leave any stone unturned!

    The Rebbe’s every word is true and eternal, and since the world is depending on us, it MUST be that it is within our human capacity!!  If we can only be ‘open’ with humility….



    Please avail yourselves of the tremendous relevant knowledge from this panel, which will give you the inspiration, confidence, and skills, to be the BEST possible “campaigners” of the Rebbe! What GREATER Z’CHUS exists than this??!

    The Rebbe always said to go to ‘experts in a particular field’ when you need advice. With the world at the brink of near instability, we need to seek the advice and counsel of ‘experts in the field’ of Moshiach, but most importantly, those who hone in on what may very well be the final and most necessary ‘call of the hour’….

    To help us assimilate, act upon and incorporate it in our encounters with others in an ‘ofen hamiskabel’, the Women’s global Welcome Moshiach committee presents a captivating informative and open panel of three world renowned scholars, deep thinkers and ‘experts’ on Inyonei Moshiach and particularly Kabolas HaMalchus. Rabbis Heschel Greenberg, Reuven Wolf, and Gershon Avtzon, and MC Rabbi Mendy  Turen, will meet back with us for round two of “WHO IS MOSHIACH”  as they explore Torah sources and the history of this unique Mivtza, the Rebbe’s sichos on the subject, and ways to get the necessary message out to the world at large.

    Some questions which will be addressed:

    Is this an innovation of the Rebbe or traditional Judaism?

    What does Sefer Hachinuch, Malbim, the Rambam, the Tzemach Tzedek say on the subject?

    Didn’t Hashem already choose Dovid HaMelech and his descendents forever?

    Why do we need to appoint the king who was already appointed some 3000 years ago?

    Why is the process of revelation in this fashion, and not directly from G-d?

    And more…

    We made it easy for you: just join and share this zoom invite with all your friends, contacts, relatives and ask them to do likewise so we can create a powerful global ‘wave’ in a relatively easy and quick way, which is BH possible through today’s techonology! Chassidim, let us give this pivotal avoda its fair and warranted ‘chance to work’!!

    We need each and every one to get out there and infiltrate the world with a united, educated, cohesive, well thought approach!! We need an army to put its weight and influence behind this critical campaign!!


    Please join us on Wednesday-Rosh Chodesh Menachem Av at 9:00 pm ET

    To have the z’chus to help sponsor this event here is the donate link:


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    Wednesday Evening: Who Is Moshiach?