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    Shifra Vepua

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    “The snow glows white in my town tonight, Not an ally to be seen. A kingdom of isolation, Because I know there’s a king ● A new song by Chava M ● Read More

    The snow glows white in my town tonight,

    Not an ally to be seen.

    A kingdom of isolation,

    Because I know there’s a king.

    The storm is brewing and this I cannot deny,

    Gotta keep it in. Gotta try try try.

    Don’t let them in, don’t let them see,

    Be the neutral you always have to be.

    Conceal, don’t spill, don’t let them know.

    Well now they know.

    Let them know, let them know.

    Can’t hold it in anymore.

    Let them know, let them know.

    Hang a flag upon my door.

    I don’t care

    What they’re going to say.

    If they all get mad.

    Well, they never talk to me anyway.

    It’s funny how rejection

    Makes everything seem small,

    And the fears that used to control me

    Don’t bother me anymore.

    It’s time to see what I can do

    To end this galus for the Jews.

    No exile, no pain, no fears for me… YECHI!

    Let them know, let them know,

    You can do your part and so can I.

    Let them know, let them know

    A tzaddik never dies.

    May he stand

    On that roof real soon.

    May it be real soon!

    Chassidus pours from our mouths and all around.

    Spread the wellsprings everywhere that people can be found.

    And one good deed can tip the scale in our behalf.

    I want you all to know,

    This galus cannot last!

    Let them know, let them know.

    The Geulah we can spawn.

    Let them know, let them know,

    Our leader is not gone.

    I know he’ll stand

    On that roof someday

    Speedily in our day.

    And if they don’t talk to me, that’s okay.


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    1. FEH

      chabadinfo, thought you were better than that

    2. chavah

      Every single niggun we have is goyish. Theyre all taken from old russian songs. The point isnt to shun the world but rather to refine it. Besides, kids loved frozen… making it a song about being proud of Moshiach… camps should be on this.

    3. Back to basics

      Chas vesholom nigunim are goyish!
      There is a fine line between when a rebbe or even a big chosid takes a goyish tune and converts it into a nigun and when some shnuk (not to put anyone down) thinks he can do the same, the difference between the Rebbe hoaderes vhoemuna and this is night and day!
      # come on, basics!

    4. chavah

      Seriously? Wheres the logic in that? The Rebbe said to refine the world, to spread the well springs. So its not good to take, hands down, the most popular childrens song of 2014 and use it as a tool of chassidus? Every major jewish music star does the same. I hope you dont listen to their music.

      Please edcuse typos, im using a phone and cannot see my screen clearly.

    5. Daniel Granovetter

      Mr. Back to Basics, you have given yourself away in more than one way. For one thing, the fact that you know that this song is based on a non-Jewish song shows that you yourself listen to non-Jewish songs, otherwise you wouldn’t have realized. Secondly, the whole point of Chassidus is to elevate the physical world. Chava M. has done something holy, taking non-Jewish lyrics and transforming them into a Moshiach song. Halivai that there should be many more who are excited about Moshiach, and following the Rebbe’s directives in transforming the mundane to holiness. Anyone who objects, unfortunately, is acting in a manner of Amaleik (not to put anyone down!). I find it very interesting how no one at a wedding complains about songs such as “Yidden!” or “Sasson V’simcha” being played, but when it comes to Moshiach songs, people have objections.

    6. Chavah

      Some guy needs to sing it, so we can hear.

    7. Music by non jew is NOT JEWISH

      This is ridiculous. You don’t take non Jewish songs and change them so people that they are!!

    8. DG770

      Tell that to MBD, Uncle Moishy, 8th Day, the Maccabeats, Shlock Rock, Matisyahu and Tuvia Bolton.

    9. Shomerin

      This is so goyish. A song to a goyish tune and character!!!??? Just because there is mishiach in it, it doesn’t make it kosher.

    10. chavah

      How are peoppe upset over this? Saying we cant or shouldnt take goyish songs and make them jewish? Thats what we have always done. Of this is wrong, we better stop singing ha’aderes v’ha’emunah, thats a nonjewish song too. Infact, we need to toss out the vast majority of chassidic music.

    11. DG770

      Excellent song! Love it! (o:

    12. How do you know?

      Just wondering: how did you guys know this based on a non-Jewish song? I didn’t realize that when I first saw this. Maybe if you didn’t listen to non-Jewish music you wouldn’t think it’s a problem to convert non-Jewish songs… (Which, by the way, is something the Rebbe himself did, and then said that chasidim did it – i.e. that any chosid can do so).

    13. Krystal McCoy

      When the Maccabeats do it, its cool. Funny how a childrens song causes so much hate in some people.

    14. Daniel Granovetter

      A terrific and inspiring song!

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