• What if I Feel that I am “Out of It”?

    Everyone knows the story told regarding the printing of the Tanya: Upon receiving the Tanya, the legendary Rabbi Levi Yitzchok of Berdichev exclaimed, “Reb Schneur Zalman did the impossible – he put so great a G-d in so tiny a book!” Written by Rabbi Gershon Avtzon • Full Article

    Written by Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinnati, Rabbi Gershon Avtzon

    Everyone knows the story told regarding the printing of the Tanya: Upon receiving the Tanya, the legendary Rabbi Levi Yitzchok of Berdichev exclaimed, “Reb Schneur Zalman did the impossible- he put so great a G-d in so tiny a book!”

    I was reminded of this story when I was thinking about the Sefer “Besuras HaGeula”, the Sefer that has selected quotes of the amazing Sichos of 5750-5752, that speak about the imminent arrival of Yemos Hamoshiach led by melech Hamoshiach. Such amazing sichos concise into such a small Sefer.

    The first sicha quoted in the Sefer is from Shabbas Re’eh 5750. This means, that it is exactly 25 years since we have entered this special era. This obviously makes us happy and excited; But it must make us ask ourselves, “Ad Masai?!”, why have we not finished the job of actually bringing the Geula Bepoel mamash?!

    Yet, having the Good Besuras haGeula should make our current Avoda “lighter and easier”. As understood from Rashi on the Pasuk (Breishis 29:1) ” Now Yaakov lifted his feet and went to the land of the people of the East. As soon as he was given the good tidings that he was assured protection, his heart lifted his feet, and he became fleet-footed.”

    We Baruch Hashem have merited – since Re’eh 5750 – to hear the “Good tidings” of Geula from our Rebbe. This should inspire us to be energized in our special Avoda of bringing the Geula.

    Some of us hearing this may feel, that this is nice for those that are “into it” i.e. living with Moshiach. But what if I feel that I am “out of it” and I do not feel inspired enough to share this special message with others. Please read the following excerpt – printed in Besuras HaGeula – from Shabbas Parshas Re’eah 5751:

    “In simple terms: It should be announced and publicized in all places – with heartfelt words – that G-d says through His servants, the prophets, to each and every Jew: “Behold I am placing before you today a blessing,” so much so, that literally today we will see with eyes of flesh the blessing of the true and complete Redemption.

    This announcement must be made even by those who argue that they have not completely absorbed its full meaning. Since their faith is intact, they are able to (and consequently, required to) publicize these matters to others, first and foremost their own family members. (Certainly they don’t need to “suffer” from his lack of comprehension of this matter.) They should also spread the word to all those within their environment and ultimately to each and every Jew. Undoubtedly, the appropriate effort will be well received and it will have its intended effect on others, as well as inspiring the one making the announcement and doing the publicity, that he too should internalize the message.”


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