Beis Moshiach: A Special Shabbos Chazon Project




    Shifra Vepua

    Beis Moshiach: A Special Shabbos Chazon Project

    › ZERO HOUR: 4 Beis Moshiach reporters describe the first moments of geulah • Revelation at Seven Seventy by Avraham Rainitz • Rededication On Har Habayis by Menachem Zigelbaum • Ingathering At Lod Airport by Schneur Berger • Resurrection On Har Hazeisim by Yisrael Lapidos • Sneak Peak

    • 1st Stop: 770
    Avraham Rainitz describes the moments after the Great Shofar is sounded and thousands of Jews greet the Rebbe in his full glory at 770.

    • 2nd Stop: Har Habayis
    Menachem Zigelbaum brings us a live report from the first day of work in the Third Beis Hamikdash. He briefs us on the Halachic dilemmas and original solutions that may come up.

    • 3rd Stop: Int’l Airport – Lod
    Schneur Berger was there, at Israel’s International Airport, to witness air traffic control divert planes to military airfields to clear the runways for gigantic clouds.

    • 4th Stop: Har Hazeisim
    Yisrael Lapidos met with a representative of the “Resurrection Authority,” a body set up to deal with the many challenges the newly resurrected will face steps out of the grave.

    • The Rebbe’s Confidant

    • You Don’t Need To Agree With Your Horse
    Who Gets to See the third Beis HaMikdash on Shabbos Chazon?

    • The Time Moshiach Almost Came…
    Short Story

    • Transformative Learning
    Besuras Hageulah with a new side-by-side translation and commentary

    • The True Reason For Your Financial Hardships
    From the Rebbe’s pen

    • “Camp Is Part Of 770”
    Moments With The Rebbe

    • Halachic Times And Daily Shiurim

    • So That Your Days Are Extended
    Story for children

    • First Things First
    Comics about Moshiach

    • A Mikdash Made Of Flame: A House Full Of Fiery Angels
    Editorial by Rabbi Boruch Merkur

    • Maturity: 9 Points To Ponder For Tisha B’Av
    Op-Ed by Levi Liberow

    • Fire Can Destroy; Fire Can Build
    “MyLife: Chassidus Applied” with Rabbi Simon Jacobson

    • The Case For the Calf
    Rabbi Nissim Lagziel with a Moshiach thought on the Parsha


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    Beis Moshiach: A Special Shabbos Chazon Project