Vaad Hakinus: Outstretched Hand for Achdus


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    Vaad Hakinus: Outstretched Hand for Achdus

    Many have reached out and inquired about Achdus in regards to the International Kinus Hashluchim, from the Va’ad Hakinus. The Va’ad published a letter where they state in no uncertain words the reasons for the Kinus, while simultaneously clarifying that they are ready to meet without any preconditions • Full Letter

    As we have reported multiple times, in recent days there has been a tremendous Koch and push for Achdus amongst Shluchim. In connection to this, many have reached out and inquired about Achdus in regards to the International Kinus Hashluchim, from the Va’ad Hakinus.

    The Va’ad Hakinus published a letter where they state in no uncertain words the reasons for the Kinus, as per the Rebbe’s directives, while simultaneously clarifying that they are interested and willing to have Achdus between the Shluchim. In the letter they state that they are ready to meet without any preconditions. is sharing the full letter:


    Dear Shliach of the Rebbe MH”M,

    In response to the question many ask about Achdus as far as the International Kinus HaShluchim and all matters pertaining to it, we would like to clarify, as follows:

    The Rebbe stated in his will how the central Chabad institutions should be run in times like this when “darkness will cover the earth.”

    In accordance with the Sicha of 2 Adar 5748 about “come and let us calculate the reckoning of the world,” in which the Rebbe clarified that all matters of Lubavitch should be decided by Rabbanei Chabad, right after 3 Tammuz 5754 Chabad Rabbanim around the world appointed a committee of four Rabbanim to examine the matter of the will. They were Rabbi Yitzchok Hendel a’h, Rabbi Yehuda Kalman Marlow a’h, Rabbi Dovid Shochet Shey’ and Rabbi Yitzchok Meir Hertz Shey’, who established that the will contains the Rebbe’s wishes.

    When those who controlled Agudas Chassidei Chabad and Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuh were called to a Din Torah to clarify their arguments as to not carrying out the Rebbe’s wishes, they refused.

    In the will, the Rebbe appointed Rabbi Chaim Mordechai Isaac Chodakov, Rabbi Nissen Mindel and Rabbi Sholom Mendel Simpson a’h to run Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch. Based on that appointment, Rabbi Sholom Mendel Simpson set up the Vaad Kinus HaShluchim to operate in accordance with the Rebbe’s wishes.

    With that authority, and in light of the fact that the Rebbe referred reports and questions on the subject of the Kinus and the Shluchim to the Badatz of Crown Heights, therefore, as per the letter of the Rabbanim, every year there is an International Kinus HaShluchim and, Boruch Hashem, we see the Rebbe’s blessings with great success, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

    Despite all the above, in order to increase in Ahavas Yisrael and Achdus Yisrael, in recent years we have held several meetings with representatives of the other Kinus HaShluchim, but although the issues we raised in order to make it one united Kinus for all the Shluchim were minimal, we were turned down.

    In recent weeks, we were asked whether we are willing to meet to discuss things and see how we can bridge the gaps and bring unity, to provide Nachas for the Meshaleiach. Our answer was that we are willing to meet with no preconditions, but the answer we got from the other committee was no.

    We want to make it clear that even now, we are willing to meet, with no preconditions, and our hands are outstretched in peace.

    At this time, we call upon all Shluchim to increase in love and Achdus Yisrael and despite the differences of opinions, surely this does not contradict “acting respectfully one to another,” and surely keeping away from hatred and disunity to the ultimate degree.

    With Chassidic Blessings,
    Vaad HaKinus



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    1. Anonymous

      That the Rebbe’s Will isn’t being followed (as to who is in charge) is the cause of all the problems.
      The “Moshiach Issue” is just a facade.

    2. anonymus

      in the year 5748 (1988) at the first International kinus hashluchim – the rebbe refused to come down to the shabbos farbrengen – the official “opening” of the kinus – until the Rabonim were invited to participate in the kinus. If the Rebbe’s Rabonim are not there – then the Rebbe will not have anything to do with it. Today, those same people who initially refused to invite the rabonim to the kinus in 1988 – are still refusing to listen to the directives of the rabonim of the Badatz and have created their “own” Rabonim who ” justify” whatever they feel like doing.
      According to the psak din of the Rabonim – merkos leadership was given by the Rebbe to Rabbi Simpson and Aguch to Rabbi Zalman Gurarie. Not to the 2 individuals who have taken control of those mosdos. Therefore their claim in court that they are the bosses of merkos and aguch and are using that claim to wrest the shul from the Gaboim and the public – is completely false. The ones to decide the shul issue should be the rabonim of the shul- The Badatz Millions of dollars are being wasted on lawyers fees. The money could go to help many valid causes. Therefore I as shaliach categorically refuse to go to their kinus until they will begin obeying the Rabonim . והשם ירחם

    3. Chosid

      If they listen to Rabbonim then they should step down and come clean about their corruption!! But Why would you go any kinus not affiliated with R simpson??

    4. Chosid

      Thanks for the article

      The problem isn’t only about inviting Rabbonim, the whole thing is a scam, a fake Kinnus, a mock Chabad blatantly opposing the rebbes will, therefore why should they even ‘meet’ with them to negotiate? They should not give them ANY legitimacy, only tell the world and courts the truth.

      Surely Meeting with shluchim to encourage them to disseminate moshiach’s coming and do the right thing is a good idea.

      Re the above post if gaboim would focus on solving the issues mentioned above in the article they eventually wouldn’t have to spend millions of dollars on fees and can use their energy for positive things.

      Can this website investigative that??

      May we be successful in bringing the geulah
      Moshiach now!!!

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