Shabbos Desecration With Rabbinic Supervision?




    Chalukas Shas 5784

    Shabbos Desecration With Rabbinic Supervision?

    Chilul Hashem: This coming Shabbos, The Pediatric Connection is hosting a 5K Walk/Run in support of Friendship Circle of Virginia (a division of Chabad of Virginia) directed by Mrs. Chana Kranz-Ciment ● Which Rabbi supposedly approved this desecration of the holy Shabbos and of G-d’s name? ● More

    This coming Shabbos, October 25 at 11:00am, while Jews will be sitting and Davening in Shul, The Pediatric Connection of Virginia will be hosting a 5K Walk/Run in support of the Friendship Circle of Virginia (a division of Chabad of Virginia) directed by Mrs. Chana Kranz-Ciment.

    Rumor has it, that permission to this event was granted by Rabbi Yossi Shusterman, Chabad Rov and Shliach to Beverly Hills, California, on condition that the event will not be promoted to the Jewish members and volunteers, a condition which was not kept to, as clearly visible on the official Facebook page for Friendship Circle of Virginia is promoting this event to all its members, Jews included:

    Fullscreen capture 10202014 74930 PM.bmp

    Rabbi Yossi Shusterman, Chabad Rov and Shliach in Beverly Hills, California, did not respond to a request for comment from


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    1. its a horrendous situation

      Unfortunately this isn’t the only chilul Hashem taking place in Chabad under the supervision of the higher ups. In my community the local “shliach” invited and encouraged yidden of course with proceeds $$$$$ for his Chabad Center to a Halloween party featuring yayin nesech and trafe cheese and meat all along with the knowledge of the head shliach to the very end and nothing was done.

    2. bad VERY bad news

      this same “Shliach” prayed I will not even call it davened because the mechitza was questionable and a good part of it is in english and parts are skipped in AN ACTIVE CHURCH for the high holidays and the “HEAD” shliach who knew about it did absolutely nothing and allowed it to happen

    3. see for yourselves.

      Fuoco Golf FEASTIVAL and Halloween Bash 2013

      Weeks before the event all shluchim including the head shliach fully aware of the event and promoted by the “shliach” himself on Facebook etc. And life goes on as usual.

    4. Mark Simon

      this is outrageous and absurd!!! in the name of our Holy Rebbe???

    5. don't call them Shluchim

      It is clear that the couple running this, are not real Shluchim, regardless of who is ignoring these actions!

    6. chaim

      Isn’t posting this the biggest chilul hashem?

      Just because you have an issue with a Rov doesn’t mean you have to tell everyone about it, especially when doing so makes an even bigger chilul hashem.

    7. Sam

      במקום חילול השם אין חולקים כבוד לרב

    8. se shtimt nit

      I don’t get it. How is it that there are no Rabbonim involved in this. if even after posting it up here we don’t hear from Rabbonai Chabad what are the schleppers in the street supposed to think?????

    9. kaitz som lachoishech

      Yisboreru veyislabnu you should invite all the crazy wrong things going on these days to be posted and once and for all they should be taken from underneath the rug into the open. We need to face head on what’s going on. Its crazzzzy.

    10. Mark Simon

      to put the name of Chabad (or an affiliate that everyone knows is Chabad) on a poster advertizing an event on SHABBOS! serving TREIF food…. would anyone ever dear send such a flier to the Rebbe? bring it to the Ohel?

    11. Moshiach Now.

      it unfortunately means nothing to most people these days because there is no leadership at all. NONE. No one standing up to the occasion. Standing up means taking controversial leadership positions and today everyone needs to be politically correct and gain the the favor of everyone. Chas Vesholom to offend anyone.

    12. concrete suggestion

      Can someone start a blog where these issues can be addressed in a more private and constructive way, so that we can brainstorm solutions for the future. I’m not yet computer savy enough to do it myself and I don’t have a smart phone.

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