• Justifying Pritzus? Burn The Shulchan Aruch!

    R’ Dovid Bravman, still under the influence of many L’chaims, came to R’ Avraham Drizin (Mayorer) with a volume of Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Aruch and a box of matches and shouted “R’ Avraham! Burn it! Burn it!” ● Full Story

    In a recent letter written to Anash, renowned Chabad author Rabbi Tuvia Bloy of Jerusalem related the following incident, which he had witnessed:

    It was the Shabbos before Tisha Be’av 5716, and I decided to spend the Shabbos in Kfar Chabad, to see the 12 Shluchim who were sent by the Rebbe to encourage the Kfar Chabad residents.

    It was a great Shabbos, with much L’chaim and a lively Farbrengen, during which the Shluchim summarized their tremendous success in fulfilling their various Shlichus, including the main one, of introducing a more religious lifestyle to Kfar Chabad.

    Among the topics discussed at the Farbrengen was the sorry state of Tznius in Kfar Chabad among the women who came from Russia, who would walk around with short sleeves and no head covering.

    The famed Mashpia R’ Avraham Drizin (Mayorer) and the renowned Chossid R’ Dovid Bravman were after much L’chaim and were having a heated debate regarding the Tznius epidemic. R’ Avraham was busy trying to justify the behavior of these women, who suffered so much under the communist regime, while R’ Dovid was adamant that no persecution justifies breaking Halacha while in a free country.

    After Havdala, the recent scene unfolded, which left an indelible mark in me:

    R’ Dovid, still under the influence of many L’chaims, came to R’ Avraham with a volume of Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Aruch and a box of matches and shouted “R’ Avraham! Burn it! Burn it!”

    What more can we say?!


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    1. He’s 100% correct. Unfortunately though, Chassidim like this don’t exist anymore, and if it was an epidemic then, it’s an all out pandemic now.

      Kan Tzivah
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