Clarification Letter Drafted For Rabbi Schochet?




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    Clarification Letter Drafted For Rabbi Schochet?

    After his previous letter generated a worldwide storm, Rabbi Gershon Elisha Schochet, Av Beis of Toronto signed a clarification letter in English, explaining his stance on the letter, ascertaining its authenticity and presenting “a blatant lie” ● Read More

    In a “Clarification Letter” released earlier this week, signed by Rabbi Gershon Elisha Schochet, Av Beis Din of Toronto, he discussed an earlier letter he sent to Rabbi YY Shusterman, fiercely banning the distribution of the book “Rebbe by Joseph Telushkin,” citing the heretical views of its author, and expressing shock that a Chabad Rov supposedly permitted its dissemination.

    A version of the first letter appeared in the site for a few hours and was subsequently removed after pressure from certain individuals in the “Corporate Chabad” world, who were unhappy with a Rabbinical opinion which didn’t suit their political needs.

    The new letter, published yesterday on the aforementioned site, included five points, among them he reaffirms that the first letter is indeed genuine, and he stands behind its content, though he regrets the choice of words.

    However, the last point in his letter seems absurd, as it contains “a blatant lie,” which seems to imply that this new letter was perhaps not written by Rabbi Schochet, but was drafted by someone from “Corporate Chabad” on behalf of Rabbi Schochet.

    The paragraph states:

    “5) The undersigned has never had any contact whatsoever, neither direct or indirect, with the “” internet site… The statement on that site that a copy of a letter was provided to them by the undersigned (or anyone acting on his behalf) is a blatant lie. The undersigned can only speculate as to how the site attained a copy of said letter.”

    Rabbi Schochet seemingly does not have access to internet, and did not see what was published on, as evident from what was written on his behalf in the letter. wrote only the following words, an exact quote (Click HERE for the original article):

    “In a letter written a few weeks ago, Rabbi Gershon Elisha Schochet, Av Beis Din of Toronto, asks Rabbi YY Shusterman, Rov in Beverly Hills California, if he permitted the reading and disseminating of the Telushkin book.

    After a response was not forthcoming, he chose to publish the letter.”

    There is no mention that the letter was “provided to them by the undersigned (or anyone acting on his behalf,” rather simply states that Rabbi Schochet chose to publish his letter, a statement which is accurate, for if he (or someone acting on his behalf) would not have released the letter, no one would have known what he wrote…

    We “can only speculate” as to who wrote this letter, and we are pained by the fact that the ghost writer chose to use and abuse a highly respected Rov, by lying to him, just for the purpose of furthering Machlokes, and finding yet another opportunity to try and discredit



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    1. we need moshiach so badly

      SO #1, EVERYONE reads . it was a world wide iberkerinish — according to them.

      #2, Rabbi Schochet does not withdraw his statement
      #3 The Bais Din would not say the same thing because they would be inclusive????? MAI HAI?? either the book is chazar traif or not what difference does it make how it’s said

      #3, if it was written only to a personal friend who is highly regarded????? even after having said all the above???? all that rebuke???? and the Virginia issue etc??????? what’s that all about. Where is that highly regarded Rabbis public answer to some very valid points made???? Or is he above having to explain himself?? to the public, because he is not mechashev anyone????

      I wrote to the CrownHeights site before you posted this asking them about #5 and it never got posted!!!!! any wonder there?????

      to echo what you said. I wonder if Rabbi Schochet saw himself what was written here on this site and if not how does he allow himself to write that statement if he did so at all???? Are these Rabbis statements written flippantly??? the filthy smell of dirty politics all around is geferlach. Are there any Rabbis above the politics??? or does politics trump all of it????

    2. Channa

      There is an excellent biography of the rebbe that was first written about 15 years ago in french by the noted chassid and auther Reb Shlomo Brodowicz called “L’âme D’Israel”.
      This book has been read by all sectors of the french speaking world and has changed peoples lives. This is a book worth having translated into English and it will certainly be an eyeopener into the life of our sacred Rebbe.

    3. how low can we fall.

      This story is a dirty smear against this site and an absolutely smelly political campaign above all else to obfuscate the issue at hand which is Telushkins unaccetaple book to the frum world. If someone reading these sites and different letters likes Rabbi Schochet they should bring this entire business to his attention whose name is being smeared. He must clarify this situation. The other scroudels behind this have already established their bad reputations.

    4. bourchn

      Wonderful comments! Didn’t read one of them…no names. boruch n. hoffinger

    5. laughable

      when there is names then people complain why is there names.

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