Ohr Menachem Brings Fresh Creativity To Chanukah




    Ohr Menachem Brings Fresh Creativity To Chanukah

    Plays depicting the story of Yud Tes Kislev, the Chanukah story, and the life of the Nevi’im; a beautiful Menorah, and a concert of traditional Chanukah songs in Yiddish were just part of the annual “Neros L’Hoir” event by the Ohr Menachem school ● Full Story, Pictures

    This year’s “Neiros Lehoir – Chanuka Event” presented by Talmidim in Ohr Menachem Crown heights was an unforgettable one.

    Starting with the Story of Yud Tes Kislev brought to life via a Live Exhibition created and enacted by Talmidim of Kitos Vov Zayin directed by Kita Vov Melamedim Rabbi Y. Zaltzman, Rabbi Y. Kornblit, Rabbi Y. Botnick,

    Emcee was Rabbi Zalman Goldstien –who was very instrumental in organizing this event- he introduced the principal Rabbi Menachem M. Yusewitz for opening remarks, and a Dvar Torah. Then all watched a video of the Rebbe MHM’s address to children at the “Chanukah live- 5751”

    With lighting the Menorah was honored Reb Zev Cadaner – representing the Board of OM Cheider.
    Followed was a fabulous Play of the Chanukah Miracle the story prepared and by Talmidim of Kita Daled directed by their afternoon Melamed Rabbi Y Reizes and Kita Daled assistant R’ Binyomin Gordon.
    Next were Talmidim of Kita Hey dressed up as Tanach Figures – while describing the era of Neviim and kings (primarily David Hamelech and Shaul Hamelech) directed by their afternoon Melamed Rabbi D Bryski

    Then came the Halel V’hodaa: Chanukah Songs in Yiddish sung by Talmidim of Kita Gimel – directed by their Melamed Rabbi Y Reizes. Their class had the Zechus to take lead in the 12 pesukim and Mamorei razal.

    Followed by a Tzivos Hashem Chinese auction led by our TH director Reb Yossi Teleshevski

    The event came to a close with a brocha to the Kinderlach from the Mara D’asra and Chaver Badat”z Rabbi Yosef Yeshaya Braun.

    Rabbi Zalman Goldstien thanked all those involved in pulling this event together:
    R’ Shn”z Bryski with R’ Nochum Yusewitz for coordinating.
    R’ Avreml Shtroks on the sound.
    R’ Levi Pinson with the play.
    R’ Levi Hilel on the video.
































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    Ohr Menachem Brings Fresh Creativity To Chanukah