Latest for Crown Heights Update #16




    Shifra Vepua

    Latest for Crown Heights Update #16

    As the Coronavirus is rapidly spreading around the world, read here the latest updates related to the Crown Heights community from the Gedaliah Society and Dr. Eli Rosen • Full Story

    Covid-19 Update

    There have been requests to succinctly summarize our position with respect to Pesach:

    Internally within Crown Heights: “Seder-in-place”. This means to conduct the Seder with those family members with whom you live. We understand this causes hardship, and we hope that in its merit we will get to spend many future Yomim Tovim together in good health. If further guidance is needed, please call the hotline 212-901-2000.

    Do not travel to other communities for Pesach, and we request no visitors from other communities for Pesach as well.

    The rationale for this approach, which is irrespective of whether one has been sick already:

    Every person is seen in two ways:

    One, if they can get the infection:

    It might be possible that someone who was sick already can get infected again.

    Two, if they can give the infection.

    It might be possible that even someone who has already recovered can still infect others.

    Considering how dangerous this disease can be, particularly considering the sizable portion of our community that remains at risk, these two “unknowns” must be taken into consideration. Therefore the Seder-in-place guidelines above.


    IYH after Shabbos we will post updates related to our social support services in the days leading up to Pesach, to help support those in isolation and with other needs.

    COVID hotline: 212-901-2000

    Errand helpline: [email protected]

    – The Gedaliah Society, in conjunction with Dr. Rosen


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    Latest for Crown Heights Update #16