Rabbi Tzemach Cunin, 43, OB”M




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    Rabbi Tzemach Cunin, 43, OB”M

    With great sadness, we inform you of the tragic and sudden passing of Rabbi Tzemach Cunin, OB”M, the Shliach to Century City California, and son of Rabbi Shlomo Cunin. He passed away Friday, Beis Tammuz • Full Story

    With great sadness we inform you of the tragic and sudden passing of Rabbi Tzemach Cunin, OB”M, the Shliach to Century City California.

    He was 43 years old.

    He passed away Friday, Beis Tammuz.

    He is survived by his wife, Ada (nee Wilschanski) and 5 children.

    He is also survived by his parents Rabbi Shlomo and Miriam Cunin, Senior Shluchim of California, and siblings.

    The Levaya will take place Sunday, 4 Tammuz, 3:00 PM from him home 1145 S. Wetherly Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90035, passing by The Bais Chaya Mushka school to Mount Olive Cemetery – 7231 Slauson Avenue, Commerce, CA 90040.

    A fund has been launched by Chabad of Los Angeles to help his family.

    Click here to donate now

    Baruch Dayan Ha’emes.



    1. Faith Saunders


      My family and I frequently spoke about Tzemach and his great kindness as a shliach and as a human being.

      When he paid a shiva call to our family when our father, David (Avraham David) Saunders, neched HaBaal Shem Tov HaKadosh passed 10 years ago, we were appreciative of his sensitivity and warmth.

      Throughout the years, Tzemach exemplified the learning and living of Torah through his teachings and by his shining example.

      Tzemach Cunin z”l touched many lives through his many Gemilut Chasidim; he was a true Hassid.

      He will be greatly missed in the community.

      May his name always be for a blessing .
      May his neshama be elevated to the highest level.
      May HaShem bring comfort to his wonderful loving parents, all his siblings and his wife and children.

      Faith Saunders on behalf of Steve Saunders, Ruth Saunders, Rebecca Saunders and Robert Saunders

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    Rabbi Tzemach Cunin, 43, OB”M