Bringing The Custom of Kapparot Online




    Bringing The Custom of Kapparot Online

    Beit Chabad advertises a website for Yom Kippur, in which you can learn the holy day’s customs comprehensively and perform the custom of Kapparot online through a secured website • Full Story

    Beit Chabad advertises a Halacha website for Kippur, in which the customs and Halachot of the holy day are detailed, along with the five prohibitions that should be observed and avoided during the 24 hours of Yom Kippur. You can visit the Yom Kippur website by Beit Chabad.

    Seder Kapparot

    It is customary among the people of Israel on Yom Kippur or during the ten days of Teshuvah to take a rooster (for males) or a hen (for females) and say a unique prayer with several segments from the book of Psalms, and finally the following is said:

    “This chicken will go to death and I will go to a good, long and peaceful life”

    There is also a custom of Kapparot through money, which we will elaborate on below.

    The Halacha debate regarding the custom

    It is important to note that there has been a Halacha debate among adjudicators regarding this custom.

    Shulchan Aruch spoke against the custom, saying “the custom should be prevented”. The reason being that the ways of the Amorite, as the Torah states “and you shall not follow their laws”

    Rabbi Moses Isserles (Rema), adjudicator of Ashkenazi Jews, wrote saying that the custom is important, stating “it is an ancient custom and should not be changed”.

    Nowadays, it is customary among the people of Israel to observe the mitzvah, and the eastern denominations have taken the law upon themselves as Rabbi Moses Isserles wrote, that this is not about the customs of the Amorite, since this constitutes charity for the poor, given the chickens rather than some empty ceremony.

    A chicken or money

    It is stated that in addition to a rooster or chicken, the custom can be observed by giving money to charity, also called redemption.

    You can observe the mitzvah online through the Beit Chabad website: chabad kapparot

    A sum money, in accordance with the number of people living in the household, should be taken and spun around one’s head. Instead of saying “this chicken”, we say “the money will go to charity”.

    How much to give per person 

    There are several customs. The range begins from Hai (18) shekels, and anyone who gives beyond that is granted extra favor from the heavens.

    Learning the laws of Yom Kippur

    Some of the laws you can learn about on the website are enclosed

    • The separation meal
    • Lighting candles on Kippur Eve
    • The holy day’s laws
    • The Yom Kippur and Yizkor prayers
    • A white kittel for the holy day
    • Why do we fast on Yom Kippur?
    • The holy day’s prohibitions
    • Additional laws and customs

    Donating to Beit Chabad

    Every year, Beit Chabad engages in activity of charity and spreading Judaism, help for the needy, acting as a center for all Jewish matters, as the Rebbe commanded.


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    Bringing The Custom of Kapparot Online