“Ladies, Perhaps you Would Like to do This…”




    “Ladies, Perhaps you Would Like to do This…”

    … It’s about cheese cake on Shavuos, menorahs on Chanukah, little vials of honey for Rosh Hashana, lekach before Yom Kippur, new fruit for Tu b’Shvat • Full Story

    Ladies, perhaps you have been thinking you would like to do something like this…

    … It’s about cheese cake on Shavuos, menorahs on Chanukah, little vials of honey for Rosh Hashana, lekach before Yom Kippur, new fruit for Tu b’Shvat – these are goodies that accompany our half hour program visits to nursing homes, and senior centers visits. To see the pleasure on an older persons’ face in an assisted living center when something we say reminds her of her religious childhood, or to see the spark of recognition of her Jewishness when we say Shma or sing  “Havainu shalom aleichem” with them – is inspiring. They look forward to our visits in which, sometimes we even have a little entertainment (such as a video or piano). Whether it is a program on Friday of demonstrating lighting candles, making kiddush and a story and a few simple inspiring words – all our actions stimulate Jewish life beyond our own “daled amos”, beyond our own usual sphere.

    Also to mention, the many ladies in the Boro Park area who have benefitted and enjoyed the women speakers we sent them to teach chassidus.

    Within the mivztoim experience – for some, they prefer approaching people at a shopping center with a table of pamphlets. But in whichever way a volunteer is generous with her time – she will surely get back a little nachas seeing in action – the truth of the Torah saying “All Jews are believers, sons of believers” – when observing a Jewish face light up when you acknowledge her Jewishness for a moment and offer her a pamphlet about Tishrei, or Purim – and she gets to have moment of your attention (and one may even call it – the Rebbe’s attention – through you).

    For some ladies, it suits their personality more visiting a rehabilitation/nursing home and going room to room, giving a cheerful few words of refuah shelaima and depositing a l’chaim pamphlet to a patient or her visitor or giving a Seven Noachide Laws card to an appreciative non-Jewish staff member.

    Many Crown Heights ladies and girls feel they would really like to be a bit more  of a  “leader”, a shlucha –  to be a little more giving of their time for chesed or outreach – inspiring others in some way, but suited to her personal talents – whether  influencing those less learned or those more lonely – and there are the different opportunities: joining together with one or two others in doing a small (or bigger) program –  with a Rebbe story, a causal dvar Torah about yomtov or a point from the parsha. Bearing in mind that one dosn’t have to be a talmid chacham in any way, just to have a little kindness  – and the recipients of our visits, or even those who “merely” receive a pamphlet or a shabbos candle and calendar set – can have their lives changed forever!

    It should give us confidence to realize that living a Chabad lifestyle. of itself gives us so much knowledge where it counts, as to the ultimate purpose of our lives within Yiddishkeit – and  we get this from the legacy the Rebbe has given us – of chassidus, simcha and positive-ness (which we shouldn’t take for grant) – and even a little knowledge goes a far way.

    Perhaps a person still feels that she is too shy or embarrassed – “What if someone rejects the pamphlet I offer” then we can remember what the Rebbe said – that those who reject are even more important to reach than those who accept our offering happily.

    Practically speaking, these many activities on a daily basis have to be organized by volunteers of the mivztoim committee – on the phone, by coordinating packaging of material, by volunteers taking a couple hours of their time to visit the centers to bring light and simcha, and by those who offer to drive them. When it ends up that there is no driver volunteer then a car service is arranged.

    Read these few true words of a C.H. housewife who confided – that once she wasn’t getting anything accomplished in her cleaning a few days before Pesach, so she decided to go on mivztoim – and after that “the house just seemed to get done by itself” or the story of the chossid from overseas who found that a longterm problem with his knee started seriously playing up just before he was due to go on “tahalucha” in C.H. (he visiting of shuls on yomtov by the chassidim) and he was very upset he couldn’t go – he outdid himself and shlepped himself anyway and somehow his long problematic knee cleared up (for good) as he walked. It seems that when you “do” for the Rebbe and when you do for Hashem – the brocha is inestimable and if one pays attention to it, one might even feel a little difference in his life, as if “something” moved forward.

    On Sunday, at 8.00 pm the mivtzoim committee of Nshei Chabad is hosting a “MYSTERY AUCTION” fundraiser BE”H at the home of Mrs Miriam Friedfertig at 1320 Carroll St.    Our inspiring speaker, Mrs Nechama Berenshtein will give a presentation.

    The mivtzoim committee is spearheaded by Mrs Chana Morosov and has B”H has been gaining in the scope of its activities and succeeding in bringing much uplift and education to others – and no less important – has been enabling many of our chassidish ladies to give of their talents and abilities.  We learn about Moshe Rabbeinu how he encouraged others to do mitzvahs – and certainly the active mivtzoim committee can claim to be giving many the opportunity and merit of participating in making a little difference in the life of a fellow Jew.
    But for now the most important action necessary is to participate in providing the “Zevulun” – by bringing your funds, whether maaser, or not – to bid on the worthwhile prizes in our mystery auction, to partake of the delicious refreshements and to have some fun – while keeping in mind that this is for holy purpose – of educating and uplifting our fellow Jews – but it all happens at a ‘real’  money cost – for the mivtzoim materials presented on a daily basis, the pressing costs of transportation, the special foodstuffs given out in connection with Jewish holdiays (especially the thousands of dollars’ worth of matzah distributed before Pesach) and other expenses.

    All our actions together, especially in this year of Hakhel should bring us personal blessings and the “big” blessing – the revelation of Moshiach straight away! We look forward to welcoming you on Sunday night!



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    1. Giorgies

      Tu Bishvat in not a Jewish holiday. The Jewish name is Chamisha Asar Bishvat.

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