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    Twenty years ago, you needed a large desktop computer, a telephone, a scanner, an alarm clock, a calendar, a camera, a music player… all of these separate, and rather large, taking up lots of space ● Today, guess what? You have all of these things together – in your pocket ● An article by D.J. Granovetter ● Read More

    By: D.J. Granovetter

    I once heard from R. Zalman Notik, a mashpiah in Yerushalayim, that the kelipah of Amaleik likes using two words in particular: “Once” and “maybe.”

    On occasion I’ve heard these two words being used when it comes to the Rebbe’s Moshiach campaign. There are folks out there who are feeling a little discouraged.

    “Maybe in that time, in 5751-5752 when the Rebbe was saying ‘Hinei, hinei Moshiach bah!’ we had the opportunity to finally bring on the Geulah. But it’s been over twenty years now.”

    “Once we had something very big going… everyone was excited about Moshiach. That was back in the good old days, before Gimmel Tammuz. But not anymore. It’s been a long time since then.”

    Recently I heard even young people making such statements – those who were born after Gimmel Tammuz.

    I would like to point out that in our day and age, we ought to be making more of a shturem about Moshiach than ever before.

    You see, there’s a misleading rally cry that still goes on to this day: “We want Moshiach now!”

    Yes indeed, that is a misleading rally cry. It’s old school. The Rebbe clearly said in many of his D’var Malchus sichos that Moshiach is already here. Open your eyes and see, the Rebbe told us time and again.

    Okay, so Moshiach is already here. What then are we missing?

    We are missing the Geulah.

    It used to be that we were anticipating both the coming of Moshiach and the Geulah. Moshiach has been here since 5751, as the Rebbe revealed to us. Since then, we have been trying to bring the Geulah.

    There are two major things you see in the world that shows that Moshiach is indeed here. The first thing is technology.

    Look at the world twenty years ago, and look at the world now. There has never been such a boom in technology over the past twenty years than at any other time in the history of the world.

    Today we cannot imagine a world without the Internet. But twenty years ago, the Internet was a brand new phenomenon.

    Twenty years ago, you needed a large desktop computer, a telephone, a scanner, an alarm clock, a calendar, a camera, a music player… all of these separate, and rather large, taking up lots of space.

    Today, guess what? You have all of these things together – in your pocket.

    Is that not a Moshiach thing?

    Twenty years ago, you had to bring a map when you went on a road trip. Today, you need no map. Your GPS tells you how to get everywhere.

    Is that not a Moshiach thing?

    Medical technology has reached incredible advancements today, to the extent of 3D printing of replacement limbs. Twenty years ago no one could have fathomed these things.

    But it’s all taken for granted. It’s normal.

    “Ein Moshiach bah elah b’hesech hada’as.”

    The second important thing to take to mind is what the Rebbe told us many times throughout the D’var Malchus sichos – regarding how all the nations of the world are finally adopting Jewish values – namely, the values of liberty and democracy.

    Twenty years ago, the world wasn’t very into combating terrorism – it was considered a foreign thing. Today, it is the number one hot topic on the news every day, bringing an end to global terrorism and bloodshed and bringing about a free world of peace and liberty once and for all.

    All we need to do to see that we are living in the days of Moshiach is to open our eyes.

    It is of fundamental importance, now more than ever, to learn the Rebbe’s D’var Malchus sichos and follow the Rebbe’s directives in bringing the true and complete Geulah. And rather than say, “We Want Moshiach Now,” say, “We Have Moshiach Now!”

    D.J. Granovetter is the author of Chassidic Adventure Classics


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