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    ‘Deal of the Century’, Yud Shevat

    Contrary to the accolades with which it was announced, the peace plan is no more than a mumbo-jumbo of deceptive double-speak that jeopardizes Jewish residential and property rights in Judea and Samaria, the Jordan Valley and possibly elsewhere because it prohibits the annexation, meaning the incorporation, of these areas into the State of Israel’s national domain • Full Article


    Mrs. Tamar Adelstein


    President Trump deserves our deepest appreciation for the goodwill he has shown the Jewish People and The State of Israel since taking office.

    From acknowledging Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal Capitol City, to moving the American Embassy there, to recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, to signing the Taylor Force Act that puts the breaks on US aid to the Palestinian Authority until they end their evil Pay to Slay program, his actions truly make President Trump the best friend Jews and The State of Israel have ever had in the White House.  Along with his firm and unwavering stance against anti-Semitism at the UN and its troubling rise here in America, we have much to be grateful for and we look forward to seeing him re-elected next November.

    How confounding, then, that President Trump, an astute and shrewd leader, would back a plan that endangers millions of Jewish lives should it be implemented and which would completely destabilize the already volatile Middle East region.

    Contrary to the accolades with which it was announced, the peace plan is no more than a mumbo-jumbo of deceptive double-speak that jeopardizes Jewish residential and property rights in Judea and Samaria, the Jordan Valley and possibly elsewhere because it prohibits the annexation, meaning the incorporation, of these areas into the State of Israel’s national domain.

    With regards to sovereignty, meaning the application of legal jurisdiction over a territory, the fact is that Israel’s Defense Ministry via a branch called the Civil Administration already effectively holds such jurisdiction over Area C where the Jews live as per the Oslo Accords designation for their “settlements.”.

    Lest anyone from Shiloh to Hevron think that, finally, their hometowns were about to become a permanent part of the State of Israel, US Ambassador David Friedman was quick to dismiss the notion:  Sovereignty does not equal Annexation.

    We’ll give President Trump the benefit of the doubt that he means it when he says no one will have to leave their home, but that may not be the case with Israeli politicians.  All too often, the Israeli Government has shown itself eager to harass, arrest and detain Judea and Samaria’s hard-working, tax-paying Jewish citizens whenever an Arab or anti-Israel NGO lodges a complaint against one of them.

    Far too often, Israeli leaders and the media rush in to blame the “settlers” rather than first fact check who is telling the truth – an observation the Lubavitcher Rebbe made long ago to Ariel Sharon in response to his query as to why the Rebbe was not sending his Chassidim to live in Hevron or elsewhere.

    One of the most egregious examples of this has been the Duma Case where Elisha Odess and Amiran ben Uliel were falsely accused in 2015 of firebombing an Arab home in Duma that killed the family living there.  Everyone from the top down, including Duma’s Arab villagers, know these young men are not guilty but Israel’s politicians will do anything to warp the truth in their push to make “peace” with the Palestinians.

    And, then then there is the conviction of Elor Azariya who was unfairly found guilty for acting swiftly to eliminate a wounded terrorist from exploding what he thought was a bomb-laden suicide belt.   The Israeli Government’s unwillingness to back its soldiers stymies them from carrying out their duties properly and emboldens would be terrorists, putting everyone in harm’s way, G-d Forbid.

    Relinquishing the right to annex all of Judea and Samaria let alone its Jewish cities, towns and the list of 15 smaller “enclaves” named in President Trump’s peace plan is a sure-fire bet that at some point in the future Netanyahu or another Prime Minister will move to sway public opinion that it’s just too dangerous and difficult to keep protecting these places.

    Which will be true, because, seriously, does anyone really believe the Jews in Area C are going to be safe surrounded on all sides by the State of Palestine.  It won’t be long before the Israeli Government decides to forgo sovereignty and the hundreds of thousands of Jews who live there will be pushed onto buses and forcibly expelled.

    Anyone who thinks it can’t happen – go back and take a look at what was done to Gush Katif!

    The Deal of the Century’s scheme places an avowed enemy smack in the middle of the State of Israel with rights to contiguous territory linking “Palestine’s” southern tip to Gaza through a tunnel – of all things! Not to mention the expanded Gaza Strip that will run along the border with Egypt and two bridges that will cross into Jordan where the majority population is “Palestinian” and extremely hostile to Israel.

    Mahmoud Abbas has no more control over Hamas, Islamic Jihad, or ISIS operating in Gaza than King Hussein does over his Palestinian controlled parliament.  And, as for Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen – Patriarch of Terror, the man is an unrepentant Holocaust denier whose Fatah fighters and Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade openly boasted about the materiel support they were getting from Iran during the Knife Intifada.

    Whoever it is that hoodwinked the President into signing off on this deal has a lot to answer to C’lal Yisroel.  Along with the threat from Hezbollah up north, we dare not be silent when this plan will put every single Jew in Israel in mortal danger, G-d Forbid!

    For those who haven’t grasped the details yet, the Vision’s Two-State-Solution divides Jerusalem into East and West using the so-called security fence as the boundary.  Years ago, Crown Heights Women for the Safety and Integrity of Israel sounded the warning that the security fence was nothing more than a way to implement Israel’s territorial concessions on the ground under the guise of protecting Jewish lives.  The fact of the matter is that as dangerous as the Expulsion from Gaza was, the Deal of the Century, is far, far worse!

    We could go on and on about this Devil in the Details, but in keeping with the Rebbe’s maxim, Ha Maaseh Hu HaIkar – that taking action is what counts:  Lubavitcher Shluchim, Rabbonei Chabad and Chassidim, together we must rise in unison to protest until this peace plan and the ones before it are turned null and void.

    At the same time, the hour has come for a cheshbon hanefesh, for taking stock of how it is that the Rebbe’s message and directives for peace, Shleimus HaAretz, have failed to reach, influence and shift the script from repeating the same misguided policies to embracing ones that prioritize Pikuach Nefesh, protecting Jewish lives.

    Particularly when many of the key people on the team who drafted the Vision Peace Plan are so close to Lubavitcher Shluchim.  Particularly when the President himself has said openly that he has a personal interest in the security and welfare of the Jewish People and the State of Israel because of his Jewish daughter and grandchildren.

    We, Shluchim and Chassidim, are about to commemorate 70 years of the Rebbe’s leadership tomorrow on Yud Shevat.  Yet, at this critical moment when millions of Jewish lives are at stake, not one program or event has been planned that will include Shleimus HaAretz, the one inyan the Rebbe spoke about more often than any other, including that of  Moshiach!

    The lore, generated post Gimmel Tammuz, claiming the Rebbe directed Shluchim, Rabbonei Chabad and Chassidim to take Shleimus HaAretz off the table and, in effect, remain silent when Pikuach Nefesh is called for tarnishes the Rebbe’s legacy that had no fear and made no calculations when it came to saving Jewish lives!

    It is simply inexplicable and unacceptable that Shluchim, who interface with Jews across the globe and spectrum, including the team that drafted the Deal of the Century and the Powers-That-Be in the Knesset, are not taking the Rebbe’s Holy, Halachic and common-sense approach closer to heart.  This must change because Jewish lives are at stake. It’s time to get this act together and go viter in an organized, united and tenacious effort.

    One resource we can use to familiarize ourselves with what the Rebbe said and wrote regarding Shleimus HaAretz (and which also makes a nice gift to give to m’kuravim, politicians and people with influence) is Rabbi Binyomin Schlanger’s English compilation entitled Security for the Land, The Lubavitcher Rebbe. Bookstores in Crown Heights carry the sefer.

    Particularly relevant to the situation today are the following two excerpts:

    Said the Rebbe: “all calculations of capitulation whereby they think they will achieve peace – are uncertain at the most.  On the other hand, relinquishing Judea and Samaria puts into mortal danger all of the Jewish People throughout the Land of Israel.  This is an absolute certainty. We have a ruling from the Code of Jewish Law: a matter of uncertainty may not outweigh – overrule – that which is a matter of certainty.  It is clear: it is forbidden to hand over any parts of the Land of Israel.”

    (The Rebbe, Parshas Vayeetze, 9 Kislev, 1977)

    Do we need a worse proof for this than the disaster that has ensued since the Disengagement/Expulsion from Gush Katif in 2005?  How much more so is it certain that upon relinquishing Judea, Samaria, East Jerusalem and parts of the border with Egypt for a Palestinian State, every Jewish life will be in danger, G-d Forbid!

    On several occasions the Rebbe called on Rabbonim and other Rebbeim to take up their torch to dispel the darkness these dangerous “peace” plans have brought down upon C’lal Yiroel.

    Such was the case during the Gerrer Rebbe’s yechidus with the Rebbe in 1978 on the 9th of Elul.  In the course of their conversation, the Rebbe requested the Gerrer Rebbe join in publicizing the ruling in Hilchos Shabbos, Orach Chaim, ch. 329 that when an enemy approaches (even when it seems he is only asking for nothing more than straw and stubble), Jewish Law demands we stand ready with weapons and go out to war, even on Shabbos, because they are on the border; we must let “there befall upon them fear and trepidation”.

    Comparing Rabbonim (and Rebbeim) to kings, the Rebbe encouraged the Gerrer Rebbe to use his king-like authority like a lantern and illuminate the public square. Publicizing the Torah’s ruling, said the Rebbe, has the power to save lives.  Keeping quiet – the lantern out of sight – only leaves everyone in the dark, leaderless and bewildered.

    The Rebbe often expressed his hope that Israeli leaders would learn from their past mistakes, and, at the very least, give the alternative a chance.  A staunch advocate for populating the liberated lands won in the Six Day War, the Rebbe advised doing so all quickly, all at once, but without any fanfare and in a peaceful manner.  Encouraging Israel to make facts on the ground, the Rebbe told politicians not to worry what the world might say since it really made no difference to them whether it was one small area or an entire border, their complaints would be all the same.

    But what, many will ask, does the alternative peace plan look like?  And, how do we extract ourselves from the quagmire of Oslo and shift the script to what the Rebbe is talking about?  Fortunately, Zehut leader Moshe Feiglin is one person who has taken the Rebbe words to seriously and formulated a plan that echoes the Rebbe’s words in spirit and form.  The Zehut peace plan is well-thought out, implementable and the only one that truly offers the Arabs who live in YESHA a fair basket of options they can choose from to determine their future.

    Saving lives is a mitzvah that overrides everything else in the Torah; unique to Zehut’s peace plan is that it has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with Pikuach Nefesh.

    Crown Heights Women for the Safety and Integrity of Israel does not endorse any party or candidate for Knesset.  But we do call on those in the running to adopt Zehut’s peace plan!

    ZEHUT’S Israel’s Security and Diplomatic Plan

    As a background to the plan, we must examine the process that the State of Israel has undergone since the signing of the Oslo Accords. Ostensibly, the purpose of these agreements was to end the conflict by establishing a Palestinian state, thereby achieving peace. But this goal has not been achieved. Rather, the opposite is true: the number of people killed in terrorist attacks increased fivefold (1552 between 1994 and 2015, compared with 357 between 1977 and 1994). More and more cities in Israel began to be bombarded with missiles and Israeli citizens were expelled from their homes (during the Disengagement in 2005). In addition, the Oslo Accords were supposed to bring economic well-being as a result of the anticipated cut in defense spending, but in fact the state paid more than NIS 1 billion for implementing the agreements.

    ​In light of all this, the question arises: Was the purpose of the Oslo Accords really to achieve peace?

    The answer to this question is clear: the ultimate goal of Oslo was not peace but the “Israelization” of society, or as Dr. Ron Pundak, one of the Oslo architects, admitted in an interview: “Peace is not an end in itself, it is a means … to Israelization of society rather than its Judaization …”

    In other words, the Oslo planners saw the two-state solution as a means to resolve the struggle for identity.

    Zehut challenges this “Oslo concept” and proposes an alternative political plan called “one state for one people”. The program is based on loyalty to the Jewish identity of the state and the justness of its path, and at the end of the process will lead the State of Israel to a reality of peace.

    The program’s basic assumptions are:

    • The Land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel alone by Divine choice.
    • International law recognizes that the territory of Judea and Samaria is designated for a Jewish state, as Justice Levy’s report showed.
    • The demographic trend is in favor of the Jews, and by 2035 a majority of 80% of Jews are expected to live in Israel, from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River.
    • Most Arab residents of Judea and Samaria want to emigrate and many already do so.

    The Stages of the Program:

    Stage One: The Oslo Accords will be canceled and the legal situation restored to its pre-Oslo status.

    Second stage: The terrorists will be offered a peaceful withdrawal, similar to the PLO withdrawal from Lebanon in 1982.

    Third stage: The IDF will take over the territory as it was able to do in Operation Defensive Shield, and the State of Israel will apply its full sovereignty over all parts of the country. No element except for the IDF, the Israel Police and authorized civilians (see above) will carry arms.

    Stage Four: Non-Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria will be offered three options:

    • Assistance in immigration: The state will enable interested residents to sell their property, and will help them emigrate to the destination of their choice.
    • Residency: Those who wish to remain and declare their allegiance openly will receive the status of permanent residents in the Jewish state. All their human and property rights shall be preserved in the same manner as permanent residents of other Western countries (as the United States does with the inhabitants of Samoa, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, and Britain with the Cypriots remaining under its control).
    • Citizenship: Those who wish to be loyal citizens and serve in the army (such as the Druze, for example) will be able to receive full citizenship after a long and thorough examination track.​

    When the people of Israel adopt their true identity and stop seeing themselves as an occupying force in their own country, the rest of the world will leave the conflict behind and accept our legal sovereignty. In addition, the full implementation of the plan will open Israel’s heartland to settlement, construction and development. The future generations will not inherit the problem of the territories and terrorism, but will receive a sovereign, secure and prosperous state.

    Israel’s Foreign Policy

    The State of Israel must be a moral role model for the rest of the nations. According to this view, Israel will continue to develop many ties with foreign countries but will not compromise on moral principles. For example, the State of Israel will stop selling arms and military knowledge to regimes that commit crimes against humanity and violate human rights.

    Jerusalem and the Temple Mount:

    Jerusalem in general and the Temple Mount in particular are at the core of Jewish national existence throughout the generations.

    Zehut will work to develop Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. With the realization of its political program (see above, “The Diplomatic Plan”), the conflict will disappear, and the non-Jews who will remain in Jerusalem are those who will accept the sovereignty of Israel. In light of this, it will be possible to expand the boundaries of the city in the east and north, in order to create “greater metropolitan Jerusalem”. The Jerusalem Metropolis will include Bethlehem and Gush Etzion in the south, Beit Shemesh and Modi’in in the west, Ramallah in the north, and Ma’aleh Adumim and Jericho in the east. In addition, Zehut will improve access to Jerusalem through a variety of strategic infrastructures such as ring roads, construction of an international airport, improvement of the mountain road and roads in East Jerusalem, especially around the Old City.

    Zehut will strive to transfer the government complex, the Knesset building and the Supreme Court from the west of the city to the Old City in the areas adjacent to the Temple Mount.

    The Temple Mount is not the epicenter of a religious conflict, but the beating heart of the entire nation. There is a direct connection between the loss of Israel’s hold on the Mount (since it was actually handed over to the Moslem waqf) and the loss of the international legitimacy of the State of Israel. Over the years, Israel’s leaders, Left and Right, have done everything possible to “escape” from dealing with the Temple Mount. Zehut strongly opposes this policy, and sees the return of full Israeli control over the Mount as a national goal of the highest order.

    Accordingly, Zehut intends to distance the waqf – or any other foreign entity that is not subject to Israeli sovereignty -from the Temple Mount. The Israeli police will be permanently stationed on the Mount – not at its edge, as is currently the case. Visits to the Temple Mount will be possible at all hours of the day without restriction, and the security of the citizens of Israel on the Mount will be absolutely assured, with the recruitment of all the necessary police forces. Access to the Temple Mount for Jews will be permitted through all the gates, without any reservation.

    By virtue of the Law for the Preservation of the Holy Places, Zehut intends to hand over the Temple Mount to the Chief Rabbinate, which will also be able to regulate the ascent and prayer of the Jews on the Mount to the permissible areas within the framework of Jewish law and demarcate those areas.. A Jewish synagogue will be built on the Mount. In addition, the Temple Mount will be opened for archeological research without the current restrictions. https://www.zehutinternational.com/part-7-the-one-state-solution

    On the wings of Chassidic Achdus and Ahavas Yisroel, we can succeed in helping the Rebbe’s Shleimus HaAretz message take flight and bring peace upon the land.  As the Rebbe has said, then we will be able to dwell in true contentment learning Torah and fulfilling Mitzvos, in security, even before the Geula!


    Mrs. Tamar Adelstein, co-ordinator

    Crown Heights Women for The Safety And Integrity of Israel


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