Call To Shluchim: Refocus Your Energies




    Shifra Vepua

    Call To Shluchim: Refocus Your Energies

    In a heartfelt “Call To Action” from veteran Shliach Rabbi Chaim Jacobs from Scotland, discusses the recent “Shabbos Project” and why Shluchim should refocus their energies ● Opinion

    Dear Fellow Shluchim, Chaverim and all Anash:

    We all know the success which the Shabbos UK project made. But please let us not forget that …

    We as Chassidim of the Rebbe must never forget that it was the Rebbe who first started any worldwide Shabbos campaign. It was not about walking to shul, making kiddush, not using the phone or not going to work. The Rebbe starting the campaign with Mivza Neshek to encourage all married women, and single women and even three year old girls to light candles / a candle each week with ONE condition which the Rebbe wrote to me at the time to stress in all leaflets and advertising:

    “I have seen [what you enclosed], and it should be publicized…

    It is of utmost importance to attach [to the leaflets] – in a separate piece of paper, and in large letters – that if for any reason she did not light the [Shabbat] candles before sunset, it is the opposite of the holiness and greatness of Shabbat to light them afterwards, and it is similar to a person who comes to “honor” a queen of a great empire – by doing in her face the opposite of her request, beating her, etc. and it is the greatest prohibition.

    When you speak about Shabbat candles, especially on the Radio – it is recommended to add the above, to prevent the prevalent custom by some…”

    We as the Rebbe’s Chassidim and Shluchim must take on this Mivtza with added zeal at this time, bring more light into the world and we will all be benched the see the fruits of our labor.

    I appeal to everyone not to be ashamed, uncomfortable or embarrassed tell your people in a nice way to light candles but ONLY at the correct time and not later.

    Many think that the time in the luachs is the earliest time to light, this is not the case it is the latest time to light except that we have a few extra minutes up to the Shkiah and in the sefer by Rabbi Greenglass published in yiddish and corrected by the Rebbe he writes we should light candles 23 minutes before the Shkiah!!! This is what the Rebbe did after the Rebbetzin passed away from 5748 onwards.

    Wishing everyone and their families a ‘gezunte vinter’ and hatzlacha gedolah in your shlichus.

    With warmest regards and best wishes

    Chaim J



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    1. so crystal clear

      it is so clear and obvious the great distance the Rebbe went to be sure that he or a member of Chabad did not cause directly or indirectly any kind of desecration of the holy day. Vehamaivin yovin.

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