World’s Largest Menorah Parade On Motzoei Shabbos


    World’s Largest Menorah Parade On Motzoei Shabbos

    Although the NYC Menorah Car Parade would traditionally take place on Thursday Night, this year it has been moved to Motzoei Shabbos ● Register now to ensure your place at the parade ● Read More

    At the Yud Tes Kislev Farbrengens, the Rebbe would remind the crowd gathered, to make the proper preparations for Mivtzah Chanukah and ensure that every single Jew will light their Chanukah Menorah, thereby lighting up the world with the light of Chanukah.

    This year the Mitzvah Tank Organization has began their preparations, for the largest Menorah Parade, which will conquer the NYC streets. This year however, there will be many new twists added.

    The first major change is the parades date. For the past few years the parade has been held on Thursday night, for various reasons this year’s parade will be changed and take place Motzei Shabbos.

    Thanks to a group of dedicated Oholei Torah Bochurim, there will be a special emphasis on increasing the number of vehicles that will participate in the parade. The organizers therefore urge all families that have Menorah atop their cars to participate in the parade, thereby lighting up the entire NYC with the light if Chanukah. For those that don’t yet have a car Menorah, one can be purchased by visiting

    There will also be a special emphasis on continuing the light of the parade, by taking the entire family on Mivtzoim. The MTO will therefore be providing Mivtzoim locations for each car. Additionally there will be an option to purchase Menorah kits and guides for the Mivtzoim that will follow the parade.

    Lma’an haseder, the NYPD requires to have a copy of each parade participant’s driver’s license, and registration. Therefore all those that wish to participate in the parade, MUST submit their license, and registration via the registration system. Those who do not register will not be able to participate.

    To register visit

    The MTO would like to thank the NYPD, and the 71st pct. for making this year parade possible.

    This year there will also be an option to be a parade VIP by having your car sponsored by family and friends. Aside from having the Zchus of participating in the costs of this Major Mivtza Chanukah, the VIPs will also lead the parade.

    Organizers request that those participating in the parade should arrive on time, as the parade will be passing the largest Menorah worldwide, as it’s being lit.

    Don’t delay, as registration closes 25 Kislev, Dec 17, 10 PM

    For more info, call the parade hotline @ 718-804-0077 Ext. 129

    The organizers hope that it will be this parade, where we will end this Golus and March towards the Geulah Ha’amitis V’hashleima, with the Rebbe leading the way!

    The parade is being organized by the Mitzvah Tank Organization, and under the auspicious of Lubavitch Youth Organization.

    This year parade will take place Motzei Shabbos, 28 Kislev, Dec 20, der finfte lichtel – the fifth night of Chanukah, at 6:30 PM sharp.



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      You could also join the queens menorah parade made by the yeshiva in queens visit:

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    World’s Largest Menorah Parade On Motzoei Shabbos