The Strange Motto of Paradise


    The Strange Motto of Paradise

    “The Late Parsha Show” which you have been enjoying for a while now on Chabad info produced by Hatomim Eli Weiss has been conveniently written up this week in text for your convenience, and discusses the strange Moto of paradise • Read More

    G-d forms the first ever human being; Adam, the human father of all humanity, G-d breathes the soul of all life into him. (Or shall i say “it” considering it’s androgynous state?..) G-d places adam in Gan Eden “to work it and guard it.”

    This is quite an anomaly in light of the way we perceive “The Garden of Eden”.
    It was indeed a paradise free of any obstruction in face of G-d. Nothing hid G-ds face. It was so clear that all was an outgrowth of it’s Creator. A perfect world.

    The anomaly that is so apparent is that even within this state of bliss there was this aforementioned working and guarding to be done.

    I mean, we know that G d created us Human(s) after all the rest of creation to indicate our supremacy in bringing the ultimate goal to fruition and so that we would have a ready made world for us to accomplish this in. Using all other creations to this aim. (This goal and aim and purpose is Moshiach btw. The light of which was created at the very beginning, and the idea of which was what sparked that very very beginning before time.)

    Work in paradise? What work was to be done? More importantly WHY was work to be done?

    “Work it and guard it.” A motto of bliss and paradise?!

    Yes. G-d in his well, G-dness, 🙂 wants us to participate in the goodness of life. To use our creativity, OUR G-dness to create the perfect world.

    We see so clearly from the mission Hashem charged Adam with even while still in that perfection before any sin, paradise, and bliss, go hand in hand with work.

    Sure, G-d could have created a world where all just is.
    But G-d didn’t cuz G-d is G-d, and G-d is good and goodness IS work.

    What makes me crazy is that G-d didn’t only make existence difficult, riddled (pun heavily intended) with complications at best and trials and tribulations and even serious tragedy (soon to end!) No.

    G-d also made it extraordinarily difficult to serve him.

    Even and perhaps especially when spared from the other difficulties in life, it is incredibly hard to sustain a genuine healthy loving relationship with The L-rd.

    I mean, life is just so crass, man! Physicality is most of our life. Yet we are to maintain a bond with G-d so spiritual and aloof. (Holiness = aloofness btw).

    Well, again, dancing back into our circle of thought over here, what I must realize is that the Torah we just started learning again anew, is the key to this dilemma. In fact this dilemma exists only so I can better understand the Torah’s message.

    Am i complaining that most of life is physical?

    Most of Torah is physical.
    And the Torah is what binds us up with G-d even as we are within bodies.

    And hey, G-d wants you here in a body. And G-d chose your body. He chose your body to house your soul. To house him. So that when you do those physical mitzvos; with your physical body; in this physical world; you are a Working piece of Holy perfection. Work and guard G-ds home. Your work is perfect. Yes. Work is.

    Ultimately, we will see this sooner than we think and together with our work we must demand that Hashem end anything and everything that hides the Truth of G-ds Goodness from the world.

    Get in Moshiach mode. It’s happening now! Good shabbos!

    Eli Weiss


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    1. Efrayim

      Honestly this was written up very well!!! thanks for sharing I enjoyed reading it!!!

    2. Meir S.

      Great job Rabbi Weiss 👍 👌

    3. A Curious Bochur

      Why no video this week?

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