The Rich Hollywood Star Vs. R’ Peretz




    Shifra Vepua

    The Rich Hollywood Star Vs. R’ Peretz

    Some ask why the Powerball isn’t won by Shluchim, Askonim, and those steeped in Hashem’s work. This unique Yechidus may shed some light • Full Story

    Rabbi Berel Mochkin related:

    Rabbi Dovid Tenenhauz was from Anash who lived in Montreal, and merited many ‘Kiruvim’ from the Rebbe.

    R’ Dovid’s son once shared this story with me:

    Once, in Yechidus, R’ Dovid asked the Rebbe why can it be that R’ Peretz goes with a torn Kapota, and when he goes into Yechidus, he is obliged to borrow a Kapota from Rabbi Binyominson, while a famous American actress in Hollywood, who obviously isn’t modest, earns five million in a year? Does it not say “to me is the silver, to me is the gold” – if so, where is the justice? How does Hashem allow such a thing?

    The Rebbe responded: R’ Peretz – it’s doubtful that he’s aware of his torn Kapota, and if he is, he “has it in his left heel” [has little care for it], and he is in a state of pure joy,

    While, L’havdil, her [the actress], by contrast, with all her wealth she has no happiness from the money, on the contrary, she is melancholy, and this will soon become apparent to you.

    Until here is the Rebbe’s response in Yechidus.

    The Rebbe’s words that it’ll become apparent was realized some months later, when this Hollywood celebrity committed suicide. She was only 36 years of age. As later confirmed by her doctors and psychiatrists, she had been prone to “severe fears and frequent depressions”.


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    1. Friend

      That story applied to 2 specific people
      R’ Peretz
      and a certain famous American actress in Hollywood, who wasn’t modest, & earned five million per year

      That doesn’t mean
      that all the other rich person who do sins are unhappy
      and that every Chabad shliach who is struggling financially doesn’t care about their poverty

    2. Arye

      true but i think you missed the point, the source of happiness isnt money, and without even getting into torah, we know that the Rebbe pushed dr. frankl to continue to speak about “man’s search for meaning”, The Rebbe was all for Yidden having harchava, but dont think that winning the lottery will change your life and make you happy

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    The Rich Hollywood Star Vs. R’ Peretz