Released Time Staff Get Training




    Shifra Vepua

    Released Time Staff Get Training

    The leaders of the released time groups went on Tuesday to hear a lecture from Rabbi Shimon Waronker, the headmaster of PS 770 in Brooklyn, as well as a well-known educator Full Article, Photos

    The Released Time Program, founded by the Frierdiker Rebbe in the 1940’s, endeavors to teach public school students about their Jewish heritage during school time, one hour every Wednesday. The Rebbe has a tremendous love for the program, which he referred to as “literally life-saving.” Well over 250,000 Jewish children have been enrolled in the Released Time Program since its founding.

    Back when the program was founded, many of New York’s public schools had a majority Jewish student body and there were some 10,000 children enrolled from a couple dozen Brooklyn schools. Today, the program serves about 1000 children from over 200 public schools around Metro New York every week.

    The leaders of the released time groups went on Tuesday to hear a lecture from Rabbi Shimon Waronker, a well-known educator and the headmaster of PS 770 in Brooklyn.

    Rabbi Waronker explained techniques in education based on the Rebbe’s teachings, and expanded on three simple steps mentioned in the Haggadah, namely: Pesach – courage, Matzah – humility and Marror – empathy.

    The workshop was arranged by Rabbi Saadia Engel and Rabbi Shneur Zalman Minkowitz.












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    1. bourchn

      Great Going Guys! Thank you Shimon Waronker.
      Today, for the first time, at (about) 10AM, I went to The Walter Weaver Public School’ building. Mr. Waronker’s classes/school occupies the same building (His school ‘American Eagle Academy’ is at 770 East NY Avenue, around the corner, with a separate entrance.). as PS 398 (60 East 94th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212).
      Upon entering I asked to speak to the principal.
      “You must sign in.” I was told.
      After signing in, and showing my driver’s license, I proceeded to the administrative office where three women were working, and
      spent 20 minutes there giving them my ‘shpiel:’
      A staff member queried: “What do you want?”
      Responding: “I want to demonstrate a profound knowledge and wisdom that can save lives and bring happiness, prosperity & brotherhood and sisterhood to this country.”
      “What’s the first language in the world?” I asked?
      Well, they loved the talk, and asked for one of my ‘promotional sheets.’ (My ‘promotional sheet’ has some websites and emails on top ( while the remainder is the ‘Aleph-Beit’ from our ‘Arizal Siddur.’
      “I’ve spoken to (about) 3,000 people,” I said.
      “Sir,” one staff member said: “This is religion you are teaching, there is a separation of Chruch and state,” she said.
      I responded: “Sorry…this is language.”
      (Religion ‘hidden’ in language — ‘Stealth Religion.’)
      So I continued, undisturbed, to talk until they got busy, and left on my own accord.
      I need Lubavitcher/Chabad assistance…why can’t we get this wisdom taught in all public schools?
      ‘Todah raabah’
      [email protected]

    2. bourchn

      There is an empty diner on Rogers Ave. & Empire Boulevard…lets’ create a ‘Noahide Cafe.’
      Anyone interested…we need a lot of $…this is Mr. Don Goodman’s idea.
      [email protected]

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