New York City Mayor Lights Brooklyn’s Menorah




    Shifra Vepua

    New York City Mayor Lights Brooklyn’s Menorah

    The Giant Menorah at Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn’s Largest Menorah, hosted New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio for the lighting of the Shamash on the first night of Chanukah ● The Menorah is a project of Chabad of Park Slope, directed by Rabbi Shimon Hecht ● Full Story, Pictures

    Article By: CBS New York

    Pictures: Bill De Blasio Facebook Page

    Families across the Tri-State area celebrated the start of Chanukah Tuesday night.

    As 1010 WINS’ Al Jones reported, Mayor Bill de Blasio was lifted high into the air in a cherry picker Tuesday evening for the lighting the world’s largest menorah in Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn.

    He briefly seemed to have some difficulty getting into the Con Edison cherry picker, but once at the top, he used a blow-torch to light the shamash – the center candle used to light the others.

    “Brothers and sisters, this wonderful day, gathered together, I say happy Chanukah to everyone; happy Chanukah to New York City,” the mayor said.

    Rabbi Shimon Hecht joined the mayor in the cherry picker, and lit the first candle – in this case, actually a propane lantern.

    “The lighting of the menorah, bringing light into the dark world that we living today, is so necessary. And let’s hope and pray this menorah will illuminate the entire world,” Hecht said…




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    1. bourchn

      Dear Mayor, thank for for lighting the the first ‘Chanukah’ light in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY.
      Why not light more lights? Why not be the mayor of ALL the people, not some of the people? You follow the proud tradition of the David Dinkin’s Administration, meaning you are a mayor of SOME of the people, NOT ALL of the PEOPLE. (Dont’ forget ‘The Rebbe, MH”M’ did NOT give Mayor Dinkins a blessing, the second time around…after the riots/pogrom) Friends, just read this news article (And many others) so we can realize the Anti-Americanism we are dealing with…the mayor is against: 1. Private Ownership 2. Capitalism 3. The 7 Noahide Laws (Which prohibits homosexual behavior. Tell me…how many doctors would advocate a man lie with another man like a man & woman? This is healthy either psychologically or physically? Does Mayor DeBlasio care about the welfare of homosexual’s? You can answer this.

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    New York City Mayor Lights Brooklyn’s Menorah