House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Visits The Kosel




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    House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Visits The Kosel

    Photos: Western Wall Heritage Foundation

    US Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy visited the Kosel shortly after arriving in Israel Sunday • Full Story, Photos

    Via Hamodia

    Israel’s special connection with the United States will only grow stronger over the next 75 years, Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said upon landing in Israel with a bi-partisan delegation of 19 members of Congress on Sunday afternoon.

    “On behalf of our entire delegation, it is an honor to join you in Jerusalem to celebrate Israel’s independence and to reaffirm the special bond between our nations. I have visited Israel more times than any other country, and today, I come for the first time as Speaker of the House of Representatives. The next 75 years of our important partnership promises to be even stronger than the first 75,” McCarthy said.

    McCarthy who has visited Israel many times and is known as a strong supporter of the state is scheduled to address the Knesset’s plenum on Monday, making him only the second House Speaker to do so.

    This is McCarthy’s first foreign trip abroad since he became speaker in January, but he has been to Israel many times in the past.

    Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana, who had invited him to Israel, greeted him and his delegation at the airport.

    “Mr. Chairman, it is a great privilege for me to welcome you to Israel,” Ohana said.

    “Thank you for accepting my invitation and choosing the Knesset to be the first parliament in the world to visit. I greatly appreciate the fact that you came at the head of an important bipartisan delegation.

    “I look forward to the joint work between us that will strengthen and fortify the connection between our two parliaments,” Ohana said.

    While in Israel, he will go to the Kosel, and will also meet with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and will lay a wreath at Yad Vashem in Yerushalayim.

    His delegation arrived in Israel from Jordan, where McCarthy met with King Abdullah.



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    House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Visits The Kosel