BREAKING: Terrorists Open Fire At Jews Who Entered Yosef’s Kever


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    BREAKING: Terrorists Open Fire At Jews Who Entered Yosef’s Kever

    Terrorists shoot five Israelis who entered Yosef Hatzadik’s Kever without coordination with IDF and set their car on fire. IDF soldiers rescue them from the scene, two of them wounded • Full Story, Video

    Five Israelis, who entered with their vehicle to Daven at Yosef Hatzadik’s Kever in Shechem without prior coordination with the IDF overnight Monday, were shot by terrorists near the compound.

    Their car was set on fire, and they hid in a nearby street until IDF troops arrived at the scene and rescued them.

    Two worshipers were seriously and moderately injured in the shooting. The victims, residents of Yerushalayim and Modi’in Illit, were evacuated to Beilinson and Sheba Tel Hashomer hospitals.

    The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said that one of the victims was evacuated by military helicopter.

    The head of the Samaria Council Yossi Dagan said: “Once again a barbaric terrorist incident from the Palestinian Authority, the Palestinian Authority which incites and encourages terrorism, is responsible for the barbaric murder attempt. We pray for the healing of the wounded and await their safe rescue by IDF forces from the Samaria Brigade.

    Earlier this month, terrorists opened fire at a bus that was carrying Jewish worshipers to Joseph’s Tomb. No one was hurt.


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    1. Dovid Cohen

      Israel has had issues with these Muslim terrorists for decades. Its time for the IDF to get rid of all these Islamic terrorists and destroy that terrorist town.

    2. Nathen

      all israeli governments pander to plo and hamas feed them money and arms all this must stop pay to slay also and money should be payed to victims from plo funds tell it as it is to eu and us most arabs are not in favour of these terrorists i remember coming to israel by motorcycle going thru all these arab towns after 1973 arabs invited me to their homes were peaceful then stupid govt invited plo in then hamas israelis are to blame for bringing terrorists in so now should get them out

    3. Noach S.

      And this is why Shechem & any area with Jewish holy places must be depopulated of their Arab populations & transfered elsewhere!!!!

    4. Meir Sason

      Vote for Ben Gvir and he will do what is needed against the Arab terrorists!

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    BREAKING: Terrorists Open Fire At Jews Who Entered Yosef’s Kever